Pine Moon – Decay With Grace – Audio

Pine Moon is the sadcore project of the US musician Casey Brown.

Pine Moon

Pine Moon

I apologise that I am a tad late to this as an exchange of emails got bogged-down in my dodgy admin and has lain dormant since the start of the month.

The début LP Epilogue was released towards the tail end of last month. A bakers dozen track album (available on bandcamp) of haunting melancholic beauty that takes in a disparate range of presentation through its roughly fifty minutes journey. Lead instruments featured include acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass, electric keyboard and piano with all of the songs laid to a slow drifting resolution as through peering through a dawn mist with the melancholic vocal emerging like a silhouette in the shroud.

The eighth track is Decay With Grace.


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Nanaki – Farewell – Video

The Manx downtempo project Nanaki is planning a couple of LPs for this year.

Nanaki - Epilogue - artwork

Nanaki – Epilogue – artwork

The first album to be released will be Epilogue and the first track to surface from the LP is Farewell.

Farewell has a sadness to it which is in sync with the track title as the wistful melodies float through the room wrapping the listener in a gentle embrace, which finds the audience reaching out with fingers stretched to hold the composition for longer as it leaves the room.

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St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club – Epilogue – Video

St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club is a down-tempo indie project from Sweden and I will most certainly come back to them later in the year with a full review.

St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club - Epilogue - artwork

St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club – Epilogue – artwork

If you happen to be in Sweden, you will already have been able to get your hands on the ten track LP – Epilogue, if not, it arrives globally in September. The title number and fourth on the album… If you aren’t chanting as you get to the bridge – I am not sure if music is really your thing.

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Epilogue – St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club is available on iTunes.*

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