yoo doo right – Marche des Squelettes – Audio

yoo doo right is a lo-wave quartet from Canada.

yoo doo right - photo credit - Cameron Murphy

yoo doo right – photo credit – Cameron Murphy

Music which revolves inside its own carcass offers the listener a raw and primordial evocation of natural rhythm and uncompromising drone in which to lay as though witnessing the discovery of fire as yoo doo right deliver an uncompromising soundtrack.

The second of the five tracks on the EP – EP2 (available on bandcamp) is Marche des Squelettes.

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MATILDAZ – Black Moon – Audio

The English dark-rock duo MATILDAZ released the EP – EP2 yesterday.



Those connected with the various sites will understand why I have not chosen to write a track by track review of the release as two of the five songs on EP2 (available on bandcamp) have been featured, so I will stick to one song to highlight and again – those of longer readership will understand exactly why I have selected this track – Black Moon – the penultimate – to feature.

Mangled guitar strings that bow below the one beneath I do enjoy and not only does bass but also lead guitar thus feature in the dark romance of Black Moon as MATILDAZ lay imagery to eclipse. The hunting guitars create a tribal footnote from which a lamenting vocal expostulates a reflective contemplative as the scantily pronounced percussion adds a touch of gravitational undertow which, unhindered, shifts the material moment -much like a sudden celestial darkness. At once both disconcerting whilst reassuring.

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