Nolita View – How could I lose? – EP Review

The England based electro-indie outfit Nolita View made available the EP How Could I Loose? within the past five hours.

Nolita View - How could I lose?

Nolita View

Those of longer stay will recall the iterations of Nolita View dating back many a year – for those new to the site – this a good starting point with the four track EP that is due for official release on the 14th.

Opening with Runaways – a sleighted hand of ideas as shoegaze and mod coalesce in just under two and three quarters of intrigue delivered with some mastery.

Next is Caroline, which for those who know the band will cast minds back to previous material as ’70s surf finds itself shrouded by punctuation of guitar that is able to stud holes in the wall.

My pick of the release – The Road – gives a sense that Nolita View are not reticent of their past, nor perturbed by exploring new ideas in a track that finds them in finest flow as the deeper registers of more forceful bass slips around the room, to be joined by sharply strung guitar that is allowed marginal, but, distinct vibration as percussion skips into the ears from which vocal – akin to a figure-skater gliding elegantly on the ice prior to throwing in an unanticipated axel-jump – shimmers through the ears.

The closer – Fire It Up – discovers a new mood of more algebraic equation and a direction of sharp angles with sheered guitar and passages of swatches of colouration provided by synthesised echoing delay and chord changes. It will be interesting to discover if Maths-rock is a new journey for Nolita View or an eddy.

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Unohu – Babel – EP Review

The Indian rock trio Unohu released the EP Babel a few hours ago.

Unohu - Babel


Opening the four track EP is Call My Name, which discovers Unohu in dirty leather jackets as the guitar slingshots around the room in a tad just over three and and a third minutes of growling rock’n’roll. The value added track on Babel.

Next comes Waiting For Caesar a number that replaces the leather jackets with recently pressed shirts as Unohu combine heavy-metal with indie, resulting in a track, which far from threading confusion resonates of a trio have far more to offer than straightforward constructs.

The third track – Incognito reaches one again for the anchor as the scuzzy guitar weighs down the composition that gives bass and drum-kit foreground in a drizzling blues driven thread of ideas.

The conclusion of Babel rests with Time, which is also the longest track – running at one second under four minutes in which Unohu disport both their reference points of ’90s britpop and ’70s heavy-metal to deliver a song in which each element of the band is given moment to shine. My pick of the release.

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Prayer Wheels – Spring – EP Review

The Canadian alt-rock outfit Prayer Wheels released the four track EP Spring on the 27th.

Prayer Wheels

Prayer Wheels

Their eclectic mix of music which stretches from abbreviated psychedelic meanderings to precise maths-rock is delivered by a rotating selection of the five players – making the band name Prayer Wheels seem like a perfect analogy.

Opening with Cavalier a grunting composition which minds me of trains jostling for position in a shunting yard as the fuzzy guitar is hammered into shape by a skin tight percussion whilst the vocal acts as the conductor of the toing and froing.

Next is Charlatan which is a track of more sedate opening as lightly fingered guitar is serenaded by tipping drum prior to dissolving into a garage fuzz, crystallising as a shoegaze echo, and do bear in mind this all happens within the space of one hundred and thirty seconds – my pick of the release.

The penultimate track on the ten minute Spring is Seesaw Sequence which sets as centre stage the chorus of voices that are the hallmark of their out-put in an angular rock number.

The closer – the lengthiest track on the EP – is the two and three quarter minute dystopian acid tripping Cormorant.

Spring is available on bandcamp.

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merci beaucoup – Cache Cache – EP Review

The French synth-wave duo merci beaucoup released the EP Cache Cache on the 17th.

merci beaucoup

merci beaucoup

It is unlikely that Cache Cache will be hiding away in the ‘forgotten’ playlist as merci beaucoup reveal an EP with sunny disposition and gloomy underbelly.

Sexy Million Sobs surfaces first with tinkling keys before, the rumbling bassy, beat loops around the room to the accompaniment of an inexpressive vocal which resultingly delivers an ironic twist to the lyric.

Next is Suicide Girl, which is more than worth the price of Cache Cache on its own as the shortest track sparkles like a bubbling glass of champagne to a luscious vocal that massages the ears while guitar threads deftly between the synthetics giving the song a sense of the dramatic.

My pick of the release is Fingerprint as the various electronic elements melt into each other like shapes of wax cooling and reforming as it drips down a lit candle whilst the vocal strides unfettered around the room.

The closer – A Little Girl In Your Eyes – provides a more punching pace in a track that marks an interesting potential direction of future travel.


Cache Cache – EP – merci beaucoup is available on iTunes.*

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Boom Child – The Super Edible EP – EP Review

The Irish good-time-rock trio Boom Child made available the five track digital EP – The Super Edible EP a couple of hours ago.

Boom Child - The Super Edible EP - CD

Boom Child – The Super Edible EP – CD

On Friday of last week they launched the physical version which also included three bonus tracks – making it an LP – of the conundrums of life – as of now you can only catch those CDs if you are purchasing from the Merchandise Stall at their gigs.

Opening with I WANT TO SHIFT YOUR SISTER – an insightful reflective of relationship values in 2016 in a thrusting rock’n’roll confrontation.

Next is Holiday and my pick of the release as angular spears of pulsing maths-rock strut around the room in just under three minutes of music in which to pogo whilst DM boots are tied with bondage straps.

Following on is Wreckin’ My Head which is well worth the purchase price of the release as the cascading guitars cross each other like plumes rising from a waterfall as each element collapses inside the other before emerging triumphantly, subsequently folding like wet cardboard inside the stream of sound. A superb number and one to keep as reference point.

The penultimate track K – Pop surfaces as it says on the tin – fleet of foot – whilst an ever evolving undertow of sludgy retro-merseybeat gives this a gravitational anchor.

The concluding track on the digital release – CHANGE 4 U slips between choke hold and kiss of life in a highly creative take on the social malaise of relationship mendacity of 2016.

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