Art Block – Eliza – Single Review

It has been almost two years since the English melancholic-folk creator Art Block last featured.

Art Block - Eliza

Art Block

The latest single, which came out on the 14th and is available on bandcamp, Eliza – takes Art Block in to even deeper sorrowful despondency than music previously featured with a bowed strings and piano led composition.

The quietly laid song slowly circles the mind as the haunting vocal plays almost inaudibly, like a faint shadow cast through sunlit mist, while piano forms dour chord changing melodies which layer the track with a sad countenance while cello creates the bleary, almost tangible, tears of wistful thought which permeate Eliza.

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Paradise Bird – Baby’s in L.A – Audio

The English electrodream project Paradise Bird is planning the release of the EP My Lover Died in March.

Paradise Bird

Paradise Bird

Setting the scene for the EP is the just revealed Baby’s in L.A..

The almost six minutes running time, rather than seeming extraneous to the conceptualisation of the song, suits perfectly the mood and moment.

There is a wistful flow to the composition which minds of the morose thoughts which float through the mind on a particularly despondent day, yet akin to those moments of darkness there is also a sense of the mind recalibrating processes to reenvision the dynamics, resulting in a feeling of quiet acceptance.

A beguiling xylophone loops through the electronica whilst the dreamy vocal pivots in the shadowy undergrowth in a song that holds attention due to its quiet demeanour and demure beauty.

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Tarantina – I’m A Loner – Video

The English sultrywave creator Tarantina is planning to release the EP Teething later in the year.

Tarantina - I'm A Loner


The slight delay in the release of the EP which had initially been anticipated last year – has allowed a further track to surface from Teething.

I Am A Loner (released as a stand alone single on the 2nd) has a tango undercurrent to it which grabs hold of the listener and pivots them around the dance-floor under the spell of the smoking vocal.

I Am a Loner – Tarantina is available on iTunes.*

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B.W. Johnson – My Love, Pt. 1 – Audio

The English dour-folk project B.W. Johnson was introduced last year.

B.W. Johnson - My Love, Pt. 1

B.W. Johnson

Most recently to surface was the five track, approximately twenty six minutes, EP Together.

The opening song on the release (which is available on bandcamp), My Love, Pt. 1, which lasts a sliver under seven and one sixth minutes sets the scene for the ensuing material as the discordant vocal weeps in and out of tune and tempo with the acoustic guitar.

Rather than sounding like a critical error, this ischemic contusion, gives the track an earthy honesty which draws the listener closer to both the speakers and, their handkerchief to daub the eyes with the lamentation of the composition.

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The Happy Pill Academy – A Song About A Wedding That Never Took Place – Audio

The English alternative-reality project The Happy Pill Academy released the LP Kerosene, Matches & Time yesterday.

The Happy Pill Academy

The Happy Pill Academy

An eleven track album (available on bandcamp) of whimsical thought and lo-fidelity production that will either have you running for the hills or delightedly spending the roughly forty two minutes of its duration in quiet appreciation.

Fold away any preconceptions of expectation and pop that tidily in to the drawer and think more of that storage space in which treasures are randomly stowed that you always intend to get round to sorting out, but never do – you will be in the right frame of mind to enjoy the acoustic guitar led meanderings through the its engrossing journey. I somehow think this isn’t the last time I will be keen to share new material by The Happy Pill Academy.

By way of an introduction – the second song – by title alone – elucidates to the above thoughts – A Song About A Wedding That Never Took Place.


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