Saint Cole / Oliver Kucera – The Shaman – Audio

The collaborative musicians of Oliver Kucera from Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Saint Cole from Leeds (England) released the deep house two track single The Shaman yesterday.

Oliver Kucera

Oliver Kucera

There is a reason I implore of readers to suggest they are wasting their time as they are not listening to music merely noise who listen to the music featured on the site using the tinny squeaks of anything other than a full speaker system (unless they are in a geo-political location where there are no viable alternative options) and this is a prime example of why having at least five speakers is essential.

Saint Cole - The Shaman

Saint Cole

Turn up the volume and the sub-woofers to feel the windows, walls and floor buckle and bend to the intoxicating flow of the title track and opener The Shaman (available on bandcamp) while the mind and body flows in to the beat of the rhythm whilst drifting in to a trance of primordial synchronicity.

Oliver Kucerasocial media page

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Bruce – What – Audio

Larry McCarthy from Bristol (England) who releases music under the triptronica guise of Bruce will be releasing the LP Sonder Somatic on the 26th.



A couple of tracks from the eleven have been revealed in advance of the début album, which is available on bandcamp.

Both are floor filling shape-shifting sonics that burrow deep in to the mind and leave the audience lost in a trance.

By way of an introduction – the hypnotic primordial rotations of the middle track on the LP – What.

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Luke De-Sciscio – Lament – Audio

Luke De-Sciscio an acoustic-folk creator from Bath (England) is working towards the release of the LP Love.

Luke De-Sciscio

Luke De-Sciscio

Lament, which surfaced yesterday is highlighted by the intricacy of vocal and the delicacy of the feathered acoustic guitar which when taken together gives the composition something of the feeling of mythical folklore and signposts of an LP which I look forward to hearing more from in due course.


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t.r. hand & Glauber K.S. – Culture Working – Audio

The duo of t.r. hand from England and Glauber K.S from Brazil collaborated to release the minimalist drone EP Suburban Solitude today.

t.r. hand

t.r. hand

As you would anticipate the five track EP, which is available on bandcamp, is not a case study in brevity, lasting as it does for approximately seventy four minutes.

There is an imaginative experimentalism to the release as varieties of piano, guitar, electronica and field sound recordings are fused in to an immersive soundscape in which to harmonise the flow of the mind and allow it to, akin to an unpaired electron, dimerize with the music ultimately forming a covalent bond.

Glauber K.S.

Glauber K.S.

Culture Working, which lasts for precisely twenty minutes, is the middle track.

websitet.r. hand

social media page Glauber K.S.

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The Fruitful Earth – Shake – Single Review

The gnarly-blues project The Fruitful Earth from London (England), the performance vehicle for  Sarah Blair (piano and vocals), released the single Shake on the 21st.

The Fruitful Earth - photo credit - Alistair Macnaughton

The Fruitful Earth – photo credit – Alistair Macnaughton

Regularly including extra musicians as required in both studio and live performance, Shake adds bass and drums to deliver a track that veritably shakes the room to its foundations.

From the opening moments of the sharp percussive introduction to the track, the listener finds themselves welded to the spot, by the time the rootsy piano, bass and stunning vocal get in to full flow the outside world has already become an irrelevance.

Recording of an as yet unnamed LP has recently completed and plans are for a release next year – Shake is the first song to surface.


Shake – Single – The Fruitful Earth is available on iTunes.*

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