Catgod – Keep My Promises – Audio

The English tripwave collective Catgod released the single Keep My Promises on the 4th.

Catgod - Keep My Promises


With a very different feel to material of theirs previously featured, in Keep My Promises (available on bandcamp), Catgod reveal a song which has an experimental psychedelic flow.

The instantly recognisable vocal is surrounded by glitching loops of electronica, billowing flute, scattered percussion and drifting guitar, which, rather than making the listener work hard to keep up with the activity allows the mind to wander on its own flights of fancy.

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The Last Dinosaur – Atoms – Audio

The English alternative folk project The Last Dinosaur released the LP The Nothing yesterday.

The Last Dinosaur

The Last Dinosaur

An eleven track album of intense emotional expression with the lyric contemplating of a world of ups and downs and sideways blows yet maintaining a steady path, minding the listener of a small, yet, steadfast yacht bobbing around in a deep North Atlantic depression of towering waves; As, despite the buffeting of life lays a buoyancy of undimmed imperturbability and self-confidence with The Last Dinosaur reaching out an enveloping embrace of reassurance to all of those who feel neglected and ignored.

The opening track is Atoms.


The Nothing – The Last Dinosaur is available on iTunes.*

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