Novakane from Coventry in England is the alt-rock quartet of Adam Collins, Jordan Nevin, Ryan Leaper and Will Malpass.

Novakane - alt-rock from England


Novakane is able to slip 90% cocoa chocolate with whisky to produce material which furiously stomps across the floor as the ploughing bass furrows the soil to which a triumphalism of guitar skips across discard, whist a harrying percussion ferrules the tracks ever forward as the vocal provides the conquering flag.

There is an after dinner warmth to an argumentative discourse over the preambles that Novakane induces with their layering wafts of sound that float across the room, as they make coherence of polarity, in compositions which finds the audience in concordant tempo.

Collins, Nevin, Coventry, you may ponder – have I heard this combination previously? You are right back in 2012 Urban Spirit were introduced. Novakane takes a darker template with more imagery as the quartet reflect on possibility as much as inevitability, in sounds which comment on the cut and thrust of 2015.

As I write, on the 12th, these are comments on five fresh tracks, merely hours old and given the starting point Novakane have far the potential to travel far, I merely caveat I also thought that of Urban Spirit. If this is the right combination of creators, expect to hear more. If not – expect me to be introducing Adam Collins and Jordan Nevine in another three years.


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The Franklys

The Franklys, a new-wave quartet based in London, England originating from Sweden, England and The USA is Zoë Biggs (Bass), Nicole Pinto (Drums), Fanny Broburg (Guitar) and Jen Ahlkvist (Vocals / Rhythm Guitar).

The Franklys - new-wave based in England

The Franklys – new-wave based in England

Turn up the speakers, stand up and move the furniture, then hit play – The Franklys will find you happily destroying everything in your pathway with an exuberant flailing body as percussion incessantly piles into the ears, with skipping beats whilst a mesmeric bass finds your head wildly bouncing in opposite directions to which a screaming multiplex of guitars sets the context as you reach for the vocal accompaniment.

The Franklys is able to harness the energy that sweats its way out of the speakers in manageable slices, where the raw dynamism is encapsulated in nuggets of shiny desire, without loosing the burning frustrations laying underneath, but not sprawling into a morass of incoherent noise.

As a regular reader, you will know, the moment you see ‘new-wave’ as a genre descriptor this is a recommendation as an immediate add to playlist and guess what? Do.

Having had the opportunity to take a listen to their back catalogue along with their forthcoming release, which comes out on the 27th – Bad News, I once again find myself positing, if you don’t want to pop The Franklys into your ‘must have’ on release, you are reading the wrong website.


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The Capture Effect

The Capture Effect is the synth-indie quartet of Iain Littlemore (Guitar / Vocals), Adam Parr (Guitar / Keyboard), Andy Malliff (Bass / Samples) and Stuart Roberts (drums) from London in England.

The Capture Effect - Frequencies - artwork

The Capture Effect – Frequencies – artwork

Formed in the middle of 2014 The Capture Effect have quickly established a working relationship, providing material that belies their longevity. Combinations of demonstrative percussion and flowing electronics are joined by fluid guitar and punchy bass in a cohesion which threads its way around the room with some aplomb to the accompaniment of an expressive vocal that lays out the story-line.

Lyrics which reflect of current social disquiet are melded with a soundtrack of new romanticism diced with rock, giving The Capture Effect its confident poise. They are not confined by reference points, utilising techniques and equipment of the ’10s to update the sounds without loosing the inheritance.

Of particular pleasure is the way that The Capture Effect have been able to create easily accessible music, that has not lost any sense of the genuine thought process in song writing, through to the final delivery, allowing them potentially a wide spread of audience.

Establishing themselves a wide geographic area of gigs in the UK, it should, if justice is served, only be a short-while before the quartet find themselves appearing internationally. The release of their début EP – Frequencies on the 23rd, certainly won’t hurt their progress.


Frequencies – EP – The Capture Effect is available on iTunes.*

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From Basingstoke in England Alex Gonzato (Vocals / Guitar), Fraser Roskilly (Guitar), Jon Cullis (Guitar), Liam Kinslow (Bass) and Toby Bartlett (Drums) got together to form the indie band FlashFires.

FlashFires - Indie from England


The trio of guitars enable FlashFires to explore depths of sound which captivate the attention. The instruments are deployed, not to gain volume, rather enrich textures and the players are able to find space to thread the weaves expertly providing the audience with luscious symphonies of fret work. That isn’t to ignore all the other elements which are integral to the complete sound – the percussion chivvies along the pace and the bass accents the punctuation marks as vocal provides context.

Whilst taking their career as musicians seriously which has seen them wrangle over contracts since their inception in 2012 resulting in limited material surfacing, they still retain the infectious enthusiasm of a fresh band and their début EP The Play which comes out the 20th April is full of zest.


The Play EP – FlashFires is available on iTunes.*

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From Liverpool in England come Magnus RomoFlorian WinterBen GladwinBendik Brevik and Richard Welsby, who from the indie-rock band Radiolane.

Radiolane - indie-rock from England

Radiolane – indie-rock from England

Radiolane produce music which finds the listener reminded of sounds of the last century, but they don’t wallow in the past, rather providing music which is at once retro and current. A group of talented musicians, the quintet it able to take the ears from calming melodic rhythms to energetic squealing guitars. Which ever way Radiolane play the bat, there is a strong focus on compositions and they are able to produce an out-put which is steeped in layers and textures, ensuring the audience has plenty to keep engaged, without ever making it an exercise in deep concentration.

Making a fine start Radiolane will be a band to keep an ear out for over the coming year and their début EP Here Comes The Rain Again, which came out last month and showcases the band in various guises, should rapidly establish a deeper fan-base. Already seeking to take their music out to an international audience, they played a short tour in Norway earlier this year.

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Here Comes the Rain Again – EP – Radiolane is available on iTunes.*

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