Green Gardens – I’ve Wanted – Single Review

The English luxe-gaze quartet Green Gardens released the single I’ve Wanted on the 30th of March.

Green Gardens

Green Gardens

Like stepping on to a deep-pile carpet strewn with rose petals Green Gardens have, in I’ve Wanted (available on bandcamp), a piece of music that nestles between the toes and radiates a palpable warmth which spreads through the body.

The retrospective, analogue effect, of I’ve Wanted is delivered in a hushed and unhurried flow of interweaving guitars with a well pitched vocal popping in and out of spotlight as percussion and bass too, jostle for the limelight – which though that sounds as if it can’t possibly work as a concept, is actually the core strength of the creativity as the counterpoints of the elements form the sturdy framework on which the music builds its rich tapestry.


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Baker Island – Low Cost Locust – Audio

The English gaze-rock quintet Baker Island released the EP Always, 1995 on the 31st of March.

Baker Island - Photo by The Noise & The Naive

Baker Island – Photo by The Noise & The Naive

The four track release (available on bandcamp) is a collection of very different tracks which centre around a subtle synth that allow the quintet to explore quiet eddies and bubbling rivulets with equal finesse.

The dual six stringers hazily weave around the electronica creating the atmospherics of the songs while restful bass and drums sway through the ears with the vocal threading a fine line betwixt the disparate elements of the tracks. While not ripping out the edges of the envelope Baker Island, in the EP, have formulated a release which has a vaguely experimental air and therefore best heard in one, roughly fourteen minutes, sitting to fully enjoy.

By way of a taster of Always, 1995 – the closer Low Cost Locus.

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Diablofurs – Pressure Don’t Stop – Video

The English new wave quintet Diablofurs were introduced in 2015 when a newly formed duo.

Diablofurs - Pressure Don't Stop


At that time they were still auditioning for new members to complete the line-up and over the years with the exception of Sue and Rob personnel have changed though never the essence of the sound nor roots from which it is drawn – ’70s and ’80s new wave and the newest song to surface – Pressure Don’t Stop – with its minding of the ’80s outfit Wall Of Voodoo – maintains that source well of creativity.

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Camcorder – Space – Audio

The English alt-rock trio Camcorder release the LP Suck​! on the 9th of April.

Camcorder - Suck - Cassette

Camcorder – Suck – Cassette

Having not featured their music for the best part of three years, it is to be expected there is a difference to their music and the ten track album (available on bandcamp) is of a different grounding, though unexpectedly the tracks in the LP are also quite different from one another, with some of retrospective ’90s britpop others drawn from the well of garage rock resulting in an album of some considerable intrigue.

The fifth song is Space.

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No Hot Ashes – Bad Crowd – Audio

The English indie-rock quartet No Hot Ashes released the three track single Skint Kids Disco yesterday.

No Hot Ashes

No Hot Ashes

There is a magnetic draw that slips out of the speakers on hitting play as No Hot Ashes deliver music which, despite its sneering contempt for the status quo of inequality, has a cheery disposition and invites the listener to join in with the party and leave behind the woes of the day, even if it is merely for a fleeting moment.

It is of little surprise that the quartet are fast gaining traction with their groove laden tracks and the single can’t but help increase their visibility.

The closing song is Bad Crowd.

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Skint Kids Disco EP – No Hot Ashes is available on iTunes.*

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