Morning Smoke

Morning Smoke is the alt-rock quartet of Milo, Max, Isaac and Chris from Brighton in England.

Morning Smoke - alt-rock from England

Morning Smoke

Heavily reverbed guitars drift across the room, whilst persuasive drum and bass provide a solid and surprisingly forceful back-bone to the tracks, as a shadowy vocals flickers between the sounds. Impressively, given the pulsing lower registers, Morning Smoke is able to avoid the smoky drift from becoming obscured and the listener is left with both a sense of fulfilling rock and simultaneously allowed to relax in the ethereal wafts of sound.

A couple of years behind them Morning Smoke have begun to spike their fan-base with an active stage presence over the summer behind them along with a new single Hunger set for release on the 1st December, which follows-up their EP In Euphoria, which came out earlier this year. If they are able capitalise on live performances over the coming months, 2015 should see a rapid upturn in their visibility.

The combinations of psychedelic shoegaze and pumping rock, gives the quartet an out-put which the listener wants to play again to capture the full effects of the compositions, that theoretically should collapse into a heap of cacophony but don’t as Morning Smoke skilfully melt the two into each other.

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Love Buzzard

Love Buzzard from Leeds and Guildford in England is the garage rock duo of Kevin Lennon and Al Brown.

Love Buzzard - Garage Rock from England

Love Buzzard

Fuzziness pours out of the speakers as Love Buzzard deliver their high energy rock numbers that lift the spirits as percussion and guitar rumble out rapid fire phrases, whilst a vocal growls into the ears. The waves of energy collide with the wall before wrapping the audience into maelstrom of frenetic activity. It is hard to reconcile it is only a duo as they have the ferocity of a pack of wolves.

Whilst the compositions fester with frustration, Love Buzzard is able to harness the pulsating sounds and deliver tracks with are distinctively thematic, with track progressions that hold the flurries in reign, which is turn allows the mind to enjoy the music for its constructs as much as for its forcefulness.

Having developed their profile and stage craft with numerous live performance Love Buzzard is now set to release their début eponymous EP on the 6th December. I look forward to hearing more of the duo in short order.

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The Cottonettes

The Cottonettes from Guildford in England is the new-wave trio of Ben Madle (Guitar / Vocals), Josh Young (Bass / Vocals) and Adam Broadbent (Drums).

The Cottonettes - new-wave from England

The Cottonettes

Turn up the volume, make sure the DMs are laced and let yourself go as The Cottonettes careen across the room with some smartly fuzzed guitar work which is offset by a set of drumsticks which rattle the rafters as a bass thumps elephantine footsteps and anthemic vocals have you joining in with their infectious chant.

Tracks which rarely last three minutes will have you reaching for breath as the pace demands of strained calves. However The Cottonettes are not just about speed as underlying the frenetic pace are well considered commentaries, which are effective for their very brevity and the compositions are finely structured, leaving the audience with sweaty brows, aching lungs and appreciation of smart musicianship.

With a regular live performance schedule this is certainly a band worth getting out to see. I am reminded of tipexed band names in straight edged lettering onto jacket, how could I not recommend adding The Cottonettes to your playlist, as they take three-chord brevity – double the chord count and add some swagger –  I am just off to pick up the broken fragments around the room…..


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TheMisanthropists from London in England is the psychedelic-blues trio of Louie Boffa ( Vocals), Marc Aster (Guitar / Vocals) and Omar Lacchinni (Drums / Bass).

Themisanthropists - psychedelic-blues from England


Themisanthropists (no that isn’t a typo of a no gap betwixt two words) combine 1920’s blues, with 70’s UK Blues Rock and ’60s Psychedelia to excavate grounds of enticing formulation. The trio offer a journey which takes in schedules of time-capsules and are able to convert it to a coherence for the ’10s as they configure blasé guitar with a percussion that harries alongside mushrooming clouds of echo and delay, which scrobble along the floor gathering mass like a snowflake tumbling down a mountainside.

There is a consuming fecundity of progressions as Themisanthopists blend the various ingredients into a homogeneous wonderment for the ears, which is best taken laying down with blue lights glowing in the room. The eight and twelve bar constructs are filled with expansive wafts of wide frequency that slow the pieces to spiralling kaleidoscopes of colour as the music loops itself – inside itself.

Themisanthropists have much to say and their début LP City Of Tales will hopefully gain them, wider traction.

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The Wonder Beers

The Wonder Beers from Surbiton in England is the new-wave trio of Pete Gwilt (Guitar / Vocals), Dan Pitfield (Drums/ Vocals) and Charlie Geary (Bass / Vocals).

The Wonder Beers - new-wave from England

The Wonder Beers

Still finding their feet with a set list of ten songs – three of which I have heard – The Wonder Beers have me spiralling round the room in broken furniture of joy.

Sometimes things arrive in perfect symmetry. I wrote about a band a few weeks ago who have now broken up over inability to perform on stage due to too much alcohol before a performance, which reminded me of every gig I have ever performed threading back to the ’70s – out of my head and normally covered in vomit stains and still managed to sing – now we find a band who revels in the wonders of beer, but let’s get back to The Wonder Beers not the wonder of beer….

Brief exchanges of gun-fire scatter around the room as a rattle of percussion flights bullet points around the room whilst a sabre of guitar snipes at the ears and a bass slams away in a space of its own as a lyric chuckles about the realities of life, I am minded of Sham 69 in conjunction with Ivor Biggun, yet I find myself perspicaciously repositioned to the ’10s.

Clear the room of static armaments which will shatter your shins and turn up the volume. You will be pogoing in seconds, if not – you are reading the wrong website.


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