ARXX – Moments At A Time – Audio

The English new wave duo ARXX released the LP Daughters Of Daughters today.



Minding of the sound of Slaughter And The Dogs mixed with the vexatious contempt of Pauline Murray from Penetration how could I not recommend spending the twenty-five’ish minutes with the six track album (available on bandcamp).

I often hear that music is a dirge because folks are no longer interested in anything outside the easy life to riches landing on their plate – I am always immediately brought back to the reality of my existence of a daily overflowing email inbox of musicians creating new music without the axis of the facile empire of the major labels and trite award shows – to evidence that those of such thought are probably drawing their well of noise consumption from the bland wallpaper paste of ‘radio friendly’ template dross, whilst being completely oblivious to the fact there is a far more important and thriving music mine of creative music around the globe.

My pick of the LP being opener – Moments At A Time.

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Alberteen – The Son’s Room – Single Review

The English synthwave quintet Alberteen released the single The Son’s Room a few hours ago.



Painting the room in wide pastel brushstrokes of electronica, keys, percussion instrumentation and layered vocals the listener finds themselves washed in renaissance modernism as the blurry hues flow through the ears overtaking the pulses of the synapses.

Alberteen are able to deliver, in The Son’s Room, a song of multifarious layers and textures from which the cerebrum is able to simultaneously elicit streaming tears and statuesque visage as the quintet deliver a haunting soundscape in to which the audience melts as though the sixth player in the scenery.


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Towers Of London – Send In The Roses – Video

The English rock quintet Towers Of London are set to release the LP Super Sounds Of K-Town imminently.

Towers Of London

Towers Of London

I realise many of those who read the site sporadically will have the sense I am merely a cynical anti-establishment representative, given the protestation of many of the songs featured. Those of longer study will also know I do enjoy life too – so why not proffer red roses around London (England) to shoot a video set to a stonking rock anthemic?

Send In The Roses – I highly recommend – though only if the volume is ‘very loud’ – I’m not that cuddly.

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Elephant Memoirs – A Little Metaphor – Audio

Elephant Memoirs is an English alt-rock trio.

Elephant Memoirs

Elephant Memoirs

Last week Elephant Memoirs released the six track LP No Pressure No Rush.

A delightful journey in to compressed Northern Soul influences shoveled in to the soil of ’10s indie-rock to deliver music of pugnacious territory as the sharp jabs of drum-kit slug against the midriff while bass hooks in to the jaw as the guitar spindles on toe-step around the ring with the steely-jawed vocal staring fixed-eye at the listener.

Yet another band who can only be appreciated with a full speaker set up and volumes booted to loudest volume.

My pick of the release being the third track – A Little Metaphor.

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Flashes – Black Monday / Infinites – Single Review

The English glaze-rock band Flashes released the AA side single Black Monday / Infinites on the 10th.

Flashes - Black Monday / Infinites


The drum-skins sink far below the rim of the carcass affording the two songs (available on bandcamp) a deep resonance whilst pirouetting guitars shimmer inside their own echoes with the bass pulsing just below the surface as the gauzed vocal floats like an ethereal presence from locations undetectable.

Black Monday – my pick of the release a, wandering towards eight minutes, song minds of sinking into quicksand on a tropical shoreline with the gently drawing liquefaction pulling the listener towards their peril whilst trusting in the warming embrace to keep them safe as the buoyancy of the track bubbles up and down during its progression.

Infinites is of more dreamy countenance, though containing the signature sound of expanding and compressing frequencies as the predominance of the drum-kit taking lower stage with pumping bass guitar and bass drum threading the weave of the song, a tad over a minute shorter than its bedfellow, while guitars tie their own distinctive brocade through the beating heart affording the track a distinctive pattern of sound that draws to thought a cooler evening on a cloud shrouded hillock with the vocal laying in the misty shadows.

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