Elefantasy – Drench – Audio

Elefantasy is an alt-rock quartet from England.



I apologise, once again, for being late to getting to a feature as it was at the start of this month I was alerted to the EP Spitcoin, which was released last week.

A five track EP of retrospective atmosphere with each song on the approximately eighteen minutes release offering a different perspective on life around and a band I look forward to hearing much more of over the coming years.

By way of an introduction – the opening song on the EP – Drench – and longer stay readers will understand completely why this is my pick of the release with the Blondie – Union City Blues – chord progressions opening.

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Mellor – Tri-State Blues – Single Review

On the 20th, the English indie-rockers Mellor release the single Tri-State Blues.

Mellor - photo credit - Jodie Mitchell Photography

Mellor – photo credit – Jodie Mitchell Photography

The just over three and five sixths of a minutes track is, as suggested on the tin, drawn from US blues tradition as the growling dirty notes scurry across the floor enveloping the audience in dusty gritty guitar and percussion to which the quartet add a distinctly UK spin with Tri-State Blues developing in to a anthemic pub-rock derived stomper as the distinctive vocal winds its way through the room.

Mellor have once again revealed a song that adds to the tapestry of global music and one to be added to the collection of – good time rock’n’roll.

Tri-State Blues is available on Amazon.*

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Wasabi Fire Alarm – Two Fingers In A V – Audio

The English alt-rock quartet Wasabi Fire Alarm will be releasing the EP Two Fingers In A V next month.

Wasabi Fire Alarm

Wasabi Fire Alarm

Formed after a change of line-up and a desire to explore a new direction, from the quintet Resistance only in March – Wasabi Fire Alarm have hit the ground running.

The first track to surface and title song Two Fingers In A V is set to a soundtrack which has an unstructured carefree abandonment  and a spirited enjoyment of life with the listener being taken back to the era, particularly of the ’60s, when much of the music emerging was a celebration of the very fact of creating music, rather than what is so often currently, a studious investigation in template design and this joie de vivre is palpable through the speakers.

Though don’t be fooled by the free-spirited compositions, as this strikes of the very heart of what is their essence and raison d’être – a protestation against a world of turgid conformity.


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Atlantic Machine – I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend – Video

The English alt-rock project Atlantic Machine releases the LP Mosquito on the 18th of May.

Atlantic Machine

Atlantic Machine

A long over due follow-up to the 2014 début eponymous LP – Mosquito in which Jim Lowe rather than working as a solo artist, joined hands with Tiffany Page to form the core of the album whilst the duo invited other musicians to feature on various tracks.

Two songs from the nine on the LP have surfaced, each offering a slightly different chamber of sound – the most recent I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend which will be the second on the release is a winding blues based rock’n’roll number that seeps in to the bone-marrow.


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Oranj Son – Radio Wires – Single Review

The English synth-rock trio Oranj Son release the single Radio Wires tomorrow.

Oranj Son

Oranj Son

Combining sweeping synth with dreamy vocal Radio Wires is a track that the listener immediately puts on the shortlist to consider for playing at their own funeral as the haunting beauty fills the mind with retrospective memories, as if that wasn’t enough of a delight, the bustling drum-kit and expansive guitar create a feeling not of loss, rather of enthused optimism.

It is of no surprise that, with their delicately balanced creativity, Oranj Son are fast gaining traction and it can only before a matter of a short while before they become a far more globally recognised sound. I look forward to following their progression over the coming years.

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