Malo Ramsoir – When I Track You Down – Audio

In the past featuring on the site as part of the England based bands Betty Pulls A Fast One and LiiNMalo Ramsoir is also a solo alt-acoustic-rock creator and on the 27th will be releasing the EP To The Village.

Malo Ramsoir

Malo Ramsoir

A four track collection of folk tinged songs that fill the room with a sense of nostalgia and invites the listener to gaze wistfully out of the window, through its roughly twelve minutes duration, while recalling bittersweet moments in life.

The opening track is of To The Village (available on bandcamp) – When I Track You Down – is also the most sprightly on the EP and something of an outlier.


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C.A.R. – Swaggart – Audio

The England based Canadian coldwave project of Chloé Raunet – C.A.R. – releases the LP PINNED on the 16th.



Surfacing from the album (available on bandcamp) within the past few hours, Swaggart, the seventh of the eleven tracks, casts a foreboding beauty to the room – much like watching supercell clouds building in a sunlit day with the multitude of colours refracted by the light through the condensing, hailstone forming, water droplets whilst storing charged electrical pulses set to roar overhead as the ever spiraling architecture builds towards the troposphere – yet far from phased by the warning the listener finds themselves transfixed by the formulation of the imperious exquisite shapes.


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AJK James – Here Comes Your Fight – Single Review

AJK James is an England based electro-blues project.

AJK James

AJK James

The most recent song to surface, which appeared on the 3rd, Here Comes Your Fight draws in, like a magnet, tinctures of disparities of ideas to deliver a soft orb which, much like a stress ball, that by its tactile squigginess makes everything external seem peripheral and thereby sloughs off the wrinkles of the day.

Despite being ambient in delivery, there is much happening underneath the surface, with electronica pooling thoughts of space odyssey and percussion loops providing the motion as the synthesised guitar gently unfurls in the undulations of the sound while a quietly rippling vocal tickles the earlobes.


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Michael Gilham – Dear, Rose – Single Review

The England based sadcore creator Michael Gilham released the single Dear, Rose on the 18th.

Michael Gilham

Michael Gilham

Led by jazz-fused minor progressive chords on pianoforte Dear, Rose (available in bandcamp) teeters in to the room akin to a cat testing its paws on surface water prior to spotting a dry landing space in which to leap and pleasurably snaffle and wriggle in catnip whilst keeping a wary eye out for rainclouds overhead while the exquisite vocal threads through the ears taking the mind to spaces of melancholic thought whilst simultaneously feeling a catharsis and easement of life’s woes flowing out of the veins.

It was way back in November 2016 that Michael first made contact and merely today that the knots have tied, for which I apologise to one and all.

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Band of the Month – December 2017 – Readers’ Choice

The final post for 2017 arrives with the Readers’ Selection for the Band Of The Month for December.

Locks - Band Of The Month - December 2017


Based in England – Locks.

Skeletons – Single – LOCKS is available on iTunes.*

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