Twist Helix – Ouseburn – Audio

The England based synthwave trio Twist Helix are planning to release the LP Ouseburn later in the year.

Twist Helix - Ouseburn

Twist Helix

To be more specific Twist Helix are based in Newcastle Upon Tyne and Ouseburn is an album of both sadness and delight.

To pin things down a little more the trio are actually based out of Ouseburn Valley which was at one time an industrial beating heart in North East England but, in common with the deindustrialisation of the manufacturing and extraction industries in the ’80s across the UK, Ouseburn Valley was left to fend for itself in its decline as a powerhouse of industry and over time has reinvented itself as the creative heart and soul of Newcastle Upon Tyne and a hub for musicians and music fans (sharper eyed readers will have noticed frequent images used over the years of performances at The Cluny) – hence an album tinged with both sadness and equally joy at the reincarnation of itself to once again become a vibrant centre.

The first song to surface from the LP and title track, Ouseburn (available as a stand alone single on bandcamp), sets the scene for the whole album reflecting as it does both on the past and the present.

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Dream Wife – Hey Heartbreaker – Audio

The England based alt-rock trio Dream Wife released their eponymous LP today.

Dream Wife

Dream Wife

The eleven track album (available on bandcamp) is a journey through spiky garage, easy flowing dance and melodic rock from which the listener doesn’t welcome interruptions as the tight unit deliver their impressive LP and it is little surprise that they have already established a significant footprint and a fast burgeoning fanbase.

The fourth song is Heart Breaker.

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The Low Countries – Putty – Audio

The Low Countries, an England based alt-folk outfit, are planning to release the LP We Weathered The Storm in March.

The Low Countries - Putty

The Low Countries

After a dearth of new material since 2016 it was a delight to discover there is more in the offing from a troupe who are able to able to deliver music which teeters betwixt the stool of melancholic despondency and optimistic glee without ever seeming at odds with the juxtaposition.

The first track to surface from the album, which itself will be released as a stand alone single on the 26th, Putty, (a revision of the original which appeared on the 2014 LP – A Prize Everytime) extrapolates the contrasts of their material as the dour vocal lays astride accompanying guitars, harmonica and percussion, which has the listener both bleary eyed and stamping feet with wide grin at one and the same moment.

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Black Fun Surgery – Black Smoke – Audio

The England based electro-goth duo Black Fun Surgery are finalising details for the LP Patches.

Black Fun Surgery - Black Smoke

Black Fun Surgery

The latest song to surface Black Smoke (available on bandcamp) is less compacted than the last track to feature – Plastic.

The drifting vocal gives the song an ethereal layer through which electronica oscillates between pulsing beats and shadowy echoing, resulting in a song that is best heard while dancing in a dimly lit cavernous basement.

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LOCKS – Skin – Audio

The England based Gothic-blues quartet LOCKS are recording new material for their  forthcoming début LP.

LOCKS - Skin


Although only having featured once, over a year ago, immediately on hitting play in the first song to be revealed from the LP, which appeared on the 13th – Skin – the listener is reminded of their signature sound of a trotting double-bass around which the compositions cast their spell.

If anything LOCKS have become even more morose in Skin with bells appearing as though chiming across a cemetery at a funeral. Whilst the mesmerising vocal is given space and presence the engaging twist to the song being the fiddle afforded greater prominence and gradually building its influence through the just over four minutes duration adding a distinctive celtic reference to the track, which given the duality of Irish and English members of the band is to be welcomed and unsurprising.

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