Blackaby – Georgie Wants A Garden – Single Review

Blackaby is a relatively new England based hazewave trio.

Blackaby - photo credit - Joseph Paxton

Blackaby – photo credit – Joseph Paxton

Already establishing themselves as a credible live performance act despite only having a handful of gigs behind them –  Georgie Wants A Garden, one of only two tracks I have so far heard, though rumour has it that after a binge writing session there are more than an LPs worth awaiting to be made more widely available, was released on the 11th and further attests to a trio, who with justice, will become far more widely known in short order.

The retrospective ’50s wash of the track embraces the listener in soft folds of harmonised vocals and shimmering guitar while percussion sets a captivating tempo.

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Georgie Wants a Garden – Single – Blackaby is available on iTunes.*

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Ex-Vöid – Boyfriend – Audio

Ex-Vöid, the new. England based garage-rock outfit, release their eponymous three track single tomorrow.



Although a new outfit, the musicians are of longer experience with previous bands as attested in their music.

The fuzzy burr of guitar resonates of early ’80s new wave and fills the room with a warming retrospective while harmonised vocals add to the summery-vibe of the output. The first track to be revealed, also the first on the release (which is available on bandcamp) is Boyfriend.

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LOCKS – Ripper – Audio

LOCKS, the England based gothic-blues quartet, revealed a new track from their forthcoming LP Skeletal Blues an hour or so ago.

LOCKS - Ripper


Ripper, which is also the B-side of the two track plus one remix single Bodies that is set for release on the 13th, discovers LOCKS in more jaunty mood than music of theirs previously featured. Although still of sultry visage, Ripper, akin to the two versions of Bodies on the single, though to a lesser extent, slides in a more celtic-folk influence that has been heard before.

Bodies – Single – LOCKS is available on iTunes.*

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Leisure Tank – HIGHER – Single Review

The England based, German retro-garage duo Leisure Tank released the single HIGHER on the 14th.

Leisure Tank

Leisure Tank

The framework of HIGHER (available on bandcamp) is built on the back of a scratchy guitar which gives the song it retrospective analogue sound. Percussion snickers in the background as it skips in freeform akin to a spring-lamb while the guitar weaves between the fuzzy glitch and warm melodies embracing the alluring vocal that reaches out to the audience with a teasing biting bottom lip.

It has been a couple of years since Leisure Tank last revealed new recorded material, I merely hope it isn’t until 2020 they next surface.


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River Fury – Jewels Of The City – Audio

The England based indie-dance quartet River Fury are set to release their début LP Five Year Plan later in the year.

River Fury

River Fury

The first track to be revealed is Jewels Of The City, which is available on bandcamp, is a glittering array of popping guitar, bleary vocal and skipping tempo which has the ability to lighten even the darkest skies with its easy gait and leaves the listener in good humour.


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