Rainer Maria – Suicides And Lazy Eyes – Audio

The US emo trio Rainer Maria release their eponymous LP on the 18th of August.

Rainer Maria - photo credit - Mary Ventrice

Rainer Maria – photo credit – Mary Ventrice

Fuzzy guitar surrounds the room with shadowed percussion and veiled vocal delivering, in the second of the nine tracks on the LP Suicides And Lazy Eyes, a mesmeric, just under three and two thirds minutes, song in which the listener finds themselves hypnotised.


S/T – Rainer Maria is available on iTunes.*

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champagne blonde – where the shade is – Audio

The US emo trio champagne blonde released the LP the fuckin lads on the 1st.

champagne blonde - the fuckin lads - artwork

champagne blonde – the fuckin lads – artwork

A seven track album (available on bandcamp) which is a veritable cornucopia of low-fidelity anxiety on which the audience is invited to feast.

Tracks sometimes seem like incomplete thought processes, other-times highly organised planning as champagne blonde express their realities for others consideration.

My selection from the LP is the fifth – where the shade is.

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The Forer Effect – Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun – Audio

The Forer Effect is a brand new emo trio from the USA.

The Forer Effect

The Forer Effect

Within the past eight hours new music has appeared that I am able to share with you.

There is an accompanying four track EP – Human Beings Are Stupid Fucking Animals And I’m Depressed Because I Am One by – Nick Beliveau (Guitar / Vocals), Sam Dawson (Drums / Vocals) and Calvin Thomke (Bass) in the moniker of The Forer Effect which by band name perspicaciously announces the output with exactitude of the introversion of construct by the descriptors of counterproductive Barnum psychoanalysis.

My selection from the EP is the second of the four – Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun – with its bass strings hanging so low from the fret-board that the listener can envisage they drag along the floor prior to thumb reaching for notes.

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secret tape – Get It Right – Single Review

The Australian Emo quartet secret tape released the single Get It Right on the 18th.

secret tape - Get It Right - artwork

secret tape – Get It Right – artwork

The distinctively barren and monotone vocal slowly bleeds-out across the room, in stark contrast to the energised instrumentation and percussion, allowing secret tape to proffer a juxtapostion in – Get It Right – that is able to hold fast the listeners attention.

The irascible percussion shards across the room in ill-tempered movement, whilst fuzzy guitars stream through the ears in flowing contrast as Bass marries the elements of the composition to the disinterested voice allowing the  quartet to provide a track that bears more than one play to capture the elements in a just over three minutes release (available on bandcamp) which has the audience yearning for more to hear and I look forward to coming back to secret tape in short order.

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Foraging around Pineville – Louisiana in the USA you will discover the emo trio of Dare (Vocals), Trey (Guitar) and Brett (Drums) who form Shed. .

Shed. - emo from the USA


Like the fascination of watching nails being hammered into your wrist this is emo at is finest as Shed. redefine the meaning of lo-fi with their blistering take on isolation from a world which bears no relation to their own realities.

The brief snippets of sound sheer across the ears leaving scorch marks as the snarky commentary spirals out of control, leaving the listener at once bewildered and desperate to hear the songs again.

Surfacing earlier this year and already with three releases – an LP and two singles (all available on bandcamp) this is a band to get to know as a matter of urgency. Currently only a side project for the trio – I can only hope that Shed. becomes a focus for attention as they deliver music which is a perfect antidote and appropriately pernicious sound-track to the ’10s.

Once you have had a chance to listen to their music you will either be recalling once again why you like marmite or understanding precisely why you don’t like the salty taste.

From their latest single Happy 4thSame Shit Same Shit Same Shit Same Shit.

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