Bony Macaroni – Doom – Audio

The emo trio Bony Macaroni, from the Netherlands, will be releasing their début EP early next year.

Bony Macaroni - photo by Heleen van der Meulen-Kolleman

Bony Macaroni – photo by Heleen van der Meulen-Kolleman

Merging self-deprecating lyric with garage rock and even on occasion edges of indie-dance Bony Macaroni are able to create music which has a distinctive cadence and sound, leaving the listener engaged both with the sadcore underpinning and thrashing around the room in unfettered joie de vivre.

The most recent track to surface, which was released as a standalone single on the 16th is Doom.

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Doom – Bony Macaroni is available on iTunes.*

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Exam Season – Cool Beans – Audio

The English emo quartet Exam Season released the EP Smol on the 3rd.

Exam Season

Exam Season

Four tracks of self-deprecating worrisome introspection which is available on bandcamp.

The quartet are not only capable lyric writers deftly able to switch between the insignificantly absurd and the important in interchangeable lines, they are also able to craft the songs to thread those mood shifts with the listener both quietly chuckling along with the dry humour, while dabbing away tears of sadness drawn by the imagery of the barren infertile landscape of a world all too often riven by indifference to others plight.

Cool Beans is the penultimate track.

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President Of What? – YELLOW – Audio

The Irish emo duo President Of What? released the LP And What If After I’m Gone None of It Matters? on the 20th.

President Of What? - YELLOW

President Of What?

Frequently featured since their introduction in January of last year, in common with the disparate nature of the music in those articles, the fourteen tracks on the album (which is available on bandcamp) are also of differing tempo, instrumentation and atmosphere – held together by a commonality of taking a jaundiced glance at what are perceived as social and inter-relational norms from a different angle and thereby casting a very different light.

YELLOW is the penultimate song.

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Seaholm – Black Vans – Audio

The US emo trio Seaholm released the EP I Thought It’d Be Funny on the 15th.

Seaholm - Photo by Royal Skeleton Media

Seaholm – Photo by Royal Skeleton Media

A blur of infectious skater fused jumble tumbles out of the room filling the spaces with acrobatic flips and turns in an energetic ball of sound.

The four track EP is available on bandcamp, my pick of which is the closer Black Vans.

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Astral Cloud Ashes – Gush – Audio

The Jersey emo project Astral Cloud Ashes was introduced a couple of years ago.

Astral Cloud Ashes - Gush

Astral Cloud Ashes

Earlier in the month a new LP – Dear Absentee Creator – (which is available on bandcamp) was revealed.

The eleven track album threads through a more forlorn and maths driven filter than music previously featured though still maintains the familiar lofidelity gazey hiss which affords the music its attractive patina.

My pick of the release being the penultimate – Gush.

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