Band of the Month – July 2016 – Readers’ Choice

Without you, I would be speaking to myself. Thank for taking time out of your day to visit the Emerging Indie Bands website – The July Readers’ Choice for Band Of The Month

The Aprons - Band Of The Month - July 2016

The Aprons

… From Israel – The Aprons.

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Terminal Gods – Discovery – Video

The English alt-rock quartet Terminal Gods have featured regularly since their introduction in 2013.

Terminal Gods - Discovery

Terminal Gods

With an ever expanding fan-base and live performance circuit, Terminal Gods have more than served their apprenticeship and are deserving of far greater recognition. The fact they aren’t, sadly, only goes to demonstrate the reality of the lottery-dice of the music industry.

From the LP Wave / Form (available on bandcamp), the sixth of the nine tracks – Discovery is a fine example of why they appear so frequently on Emerging Indie Bands.

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Band of the Month – March 2016 – Readers’ Choice

From time to time The Editors’ Choice for Band of the Month and the Readers’ Choice find congruence – though different bands – very similar in style though an ocean apart.

Manic Pixi - Band Of The Month March 2016 - Reader's Choice

Manic Pixi

For the second time Manic Pixi from the USA, last in June 2015 are the selection for Band Of The Month by those of you who kindly take time out of your day to consider the music featured on Emerging Indie Bands, though consistency does discombobulate my pea-sized brain as the aim is to feature those you haven’t heard not those which you already enjoy.

Sugar Bomb – Manic Pixi is available on iTunes.*

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Deetrack – Black Key – Audio

Deetrack is the deep-techno producer Ivan Deetrack from Italy.



I thank the readers who stay with the website through the eclectic mix of sounds featured on Emerging Indie Bands – in stark contrast to the Accordian, Banjo et all of the previous article.

I do like a slackened bass guitar so it is of no surprise that from time to time I take a fancy to some sub-woofer testing electro-bass and Black Key is well worth warming up the valves to take a listen to with the foundation shaking loops of stunning techno reminding us all the The Balearics will be back in full swing in just a little while.

Black Key is the B side of the two track just under a quarter of an hour single Transmissions available on Beatport through Plasteline.

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New Year Ninety 2016 – 70 to 61

Emerging Indie Bands continues on memory of my partner Julie Norbury who died in September 2011 aged 39 and is a continuation of Indie Bands Blog. The New Year Ninety, as always, is dedicated to Julie, the co-founding partner who had immense appreciation for musical creatives.

Julie Norbury

Julie Norbury

70. El Jardin Del Hospital (Mexico)

69. Victoria Moralez (Sweden)

Love – Single – Victoria Moralez is available on iTunes.*

68. The Pink Flowers (Canada)

67. East End Lovers (England)

L.O.V.E? – Single – East End Lovers is available on iTunes.*

66. Dialects (Scotland)

65. KatjA Luhtala (Finland)

64. 奇妙礼太郎トラベルスイング楽団 (Strange Reitaro Travel Swing Orchestra) (Japan)

63. The Lovely Intangibles (USA)

62. Electric Guitars (Denmark)

Electric Guitars – Electric Guitars featuring Soren Andersen & Mika Vandborg is available on iTunes.*

61. The Geeks (The Philippines)

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