Band of the Month – June 2017 – Readers’ Choice

The final post for the end of the first half of 2017 is appropriately one of your selection – The Readers’ Choice For Band Of The Month For June.

Approaching Black & White - Band Of The Month June 2017

Approaching Black & White

From the USA – Approaching Black & White.

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Jerome (Vocals), Jo (Bass), Katie (Violin / Backing Vocals), Paul (Guitar / Backing  Vocals) and Luke (Drums) from London in England form the alt-rock band Sloes.

Sloes - alt-rock from England



Those of sharper vision will recall the introduction of Sloes last month as ‘Juniper-rock’, put that down to the Gin reference in the name and if that doesn’t help either, lets move on to the music…
Sliding through the grills of the speaker like salmon leaping waterfalls caught in the sunlight, there is a mesmeric continuity to the shifting sounds as they fuse with the listener in shimmering untouchable feathering. The lightly played violin affords Sloes the opportunity to slide the sheets of sound like granite gently sheering from rock-face, as jagged face meets lack of friction.

Sloes have allowed themselves the time to gain mutual understanding of the interplay between instruments and each other prior to launching themselves to a broader audience, which enables the quintet to provide the ears with material which has a steely fulcrum around which the flowing textures of sound rotate in spirals of ever increasing stream of delay, that for their very flimsy capture the attention.

Chasing Tails – EP – Sloes is available on iTunes.*


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Band of the Month – March 2015 – Editors’ Choice

A quarter of the year gone and it has been crammed with inspiring music and thanks to all the creators who keep creating. The Editors choice for Band of the Month for March comes from the USA.

Fat Heaven - eponymous EP - back-sleeve artwork

Fat Heaven – eponymous EP – back-sleeve artwork

Fat Heaven.

S / T – Ep – Fat Heaven is available on iTunes.*

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New Year Ninety 2015 – 30 to 21

My thanks go to every musician who puts thought to song, without you there would be no website. If you are in the readers selection for the New Year Ninety 2015 or not – please keep creating, you do make the world a better place.

Thank You from Emerging Indie Bands

Thank you

30. Rolin Humes (Croatia)

29. Universal Thee (Scotland)

Back to Earth – Universal Thee is available on iTunes.*

28. Sculpture (England)

27. Seaside Sons (Scotland)

Out of Time – Seaside Sons is available on iTunes.*

26. The Volks (USA)

25. Léo Elso (France)

24. Felixxx (Mexico)

23. Drayter (USA)

22. ShiShi (USA)

21. Torn Beloved (Canada)

Torn Beloved – Torn Beloved is available on iTunes.*

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Band of the Month – October 2014 – Editors’ Choice

Whilst this month has been filled with a superb array of bands and thank you all – there was a certain inevitability for those of you who know my preference for 14 hole DMs and a pogo that  – the Editors’ Choice for band of the month would be…

The Wonder Beers - band of the month

The Wonder Beers – band of the month

….The English band – The Wonder Beers.

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