Sweet Soubrette – More Wind – Single Review

The US alt-folk troupe Sweet Soubrette released the single More Wind within the past twenty hours.

Sweet Soubrette

Sweet Soubrette

As those who have been with the various sites since the last decade will recall – I do quite like a ukulele and the lead instrument for Sweet Soubrette is just such.

Normally given a fragile architecture in which to work, which perhaps explains why the instrument is viewed as such a dainty little thing and far too often overlooked. In the case of this octet, sometimes decet – wind instruments, bowed strings, electric bass guitar, synthetic keys and percussion – alongside of course vocal – are unable to camouflage the distinctive tautness of the strings of an instrument which needs more credit for its versatility as in the right hands – to give credit Ellia Bisker does know how to play – rather than being a fragile whimsy it is a centre-point of focus more than capable of dealing with interlopers.

More Wind is available on bandcamp.


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