Thee Aspiring

From Coventry in England you will find Francis Anderson (Drums / Backing Vocals), Jamie Chalmers (Acoustic Guitar / Vocals) and Vincent Moss (Electric Guitar) who form the rolling-rock band Thee Aspiring.

Thee Aspiring - rolling-rock from England

Thee Aspiring

Every couple of years Thee Aspiring surface with a new release, akin to the regularity of tides in the phases of the moon, the only sadness is they don’t find themselves in syncopation with the cycle of four weekly lunar phases as what they do deliver is  joy to the ears.

There is a Romany-Celtic flow of sounds that pours through the room, inviting the listener to dance around the camp-fire to the natural rhythms which the stereocilia fold around in sympathetic stomps, demanding the body follows suit.

The partially shaded undertow of the material minds of espying what appears to be a great-white shark swimming under the boat giving the music a chilling thrill which the gives the audience its collective breathless anxiety. However the Carcharodon Carcharias turns out to be a Stenella Clymene playing in the shallows and the mind can relax into the pleasured tones of Thee Aspiring.

My only hope is that it doesn’t take Thee Aspiring until 2018 to resurface with a follow-up to the three track single Elevate.

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