ADD Agency

Centred around Will MoraADD Agency which hails from El Paso in the USA is an electro-sex project.

ADD Agency

ADD Agency

Drawing unashamed reference of the material from Blitz Kids in London betwixt ’79 and ’80 Add Agency reconstitute the scene to the ’10s. Pulses of sounds neatly wrestle with glistening flesh as the music lays a backdrop to prolonged and delayed orgasm.

The oiled synths slithers around the room imparting teasing tongue lashes, whilst bass thrusts passionately in the background beckoning satiation to which varied vocals seek to satisfy and from ether regions scattered guitar passes commentary as percussion bonds the writhing mass.

Long-time in gestation Add Agency released a single Emma Stone back in February 2012 and the follow-up LP Gemstone Radar is only to surface on the 30th. Those who know me well are aware of the tease and denial sites of which I am the Editor, but even to most of the Mistresses and Masters who feature therein – running towards four years in a cage is somewhat excessive.

Music to add to the ‘night without boundaries’ playlist.


Gemstone Radar – Add Agency is available on iTunes.*

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