Nemra – Room N11 – Video

Always a pleasure to return to the Armenian electro-rock band Nemra.

Nemra - photo - ©Emin Sartagar Aristakesyan

Nemra – photo – ©Emin Sartagar Aristakesyan

A new video surfaced last week from a concert at the Yerevan State Puppet Theatre of the track Room N11 – which is a darker countenance than music of their previously featured, shining a light on a band, who, were it not for geo-political location would, I am certain, have a more globally known face.

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The Rumble Skulls – Why You Are – Single Review

It has been a couple of years since the electro-rock outfit The Rumble Skulls from England last featured, which is more due to my inept administration than lack of new material.

The Rumble Skulls - Why You Are -artwork

The Rumble Skulls – Why You Are -artwork

The latest track to surface, Why You Are, that appeared on the 15th, again displays the free movement of the music with the roving combinations of effects and rocky guitar painting a landscape of intricate weaves, rounded by an unexpectedly expansive vocal that brightens the day for its presence and offers a moment in which to rest the barbs of the day.

Rumour also has it that an LP is waiting in the wings for release later in the year, which I look forward to hearing.

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Hawelka – Der Taucher – Audio

The Stuttgart (Germany) electro-rock trio of Petr Novak (Vocals / Guitar), Jan Georg Plavec (Synth) and Christian Seyffert (Drums), known as Hawelka, release the LP Liebe Oder Hass on the 19th.



Introduced on the video only site back in 2016Liebe Oder Hass (available on bandcamp) has a more pressing and compressed delivery, with the keys giving the songs a muddy resonance as they blur the sides of guitar while percussion pulses the eardrums as the expressive vocal gives the material a gritty texturing.

Der Taucher is the second of the nine tracks on the album.


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Jesika Von Rabbit – My Medicine – Audio

Jesika Von Rabbit is an electro-rock project from Joshua Tree in the USA.

Jesika Von Rabbit

Jesika Von Rabbit

Tying together a plethora of ideas, instruments, percussion and keyboards Jesika Von Rabbit is a musician best heard in a long quaff to fully enjoy and become immersed in the analogue feel of the varied output.

With some fortune a nine track, roughly thirty seven minutes LP – Dessert Rock – surfaced last week.

My Medicine with its rock’n’roll roots, which is the penultimate song, being my pick of the release.


Dessert Rock – Jesika Von Rabbit is available on iTunes.*

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Kallblod – Bone & Cream – Single Review

Kallblod is a new Swedish electro-rock duo who revealed their first track, Bone & Cream, on the 13th.



Dipping toes in to the pool of ’60s crooners by way of ’80s synthwave, in Bone & Cream, Kallblod are able to a deliver a track that folds itself around the listener in a gentle embrace becalming the restlessness of daily life.

Creating a song that moulds around the listener with the melting guitar and synthesis delivering the unflustered restful absorption of the composition while the hazed vocal whispers quietly in to the ears, yet is itself a busy hive of layered textures, attests to a duo of able musicians and I look forward to hearing more in short order.


Bone & Cream – Single – Kallblod is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.