Hemmit – Friends – Audio

The US electro-rock project Hemmit released the LP One Ultra yesterday.



Better known as the duo of Adam Rohosy and Keith Fleming on this occasion the album (available on bandcamp) is the solo work of Keith (the erstwhile drummer), not that you would know it on hitting play as the multilayered tracks of instrumentation, drum, electronica and vocal spin through the ears finding the listener strutting through the room striking chords on their own air guitar.

My pick of the release being the opener – Friends.


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Jay Draper & The Subterraneans – Scatterbrain – Audio

The Canadian electro-rock project Jay Draper & The Subterraneans released the AA side single Belly Of The Beast / Scatterbrain on the 5th.

Jay Draper & The Subterraneans - photo by Tyrone Islington

Jay Draper & The Subterraneans – photo by Tyrone Islington

Those of longer stay may recall the name Jay Draper from the band The Scarlet Fever, introduced in 2015. The other main collaborator on the project being Justin Minister from the band Amy’s Arms.

Whilst the single (available on bandcamp) is of similar style to their other projects, being combinations of natural instrumentation and synthesis, the music, perhaps unexpectedly given that the other environments being of gothic architecture, brings a slightly different soundtrack to the table.

My selection being Scatterbrain.

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Forwardman – We Are – Audio

It was back in the 2015 that the Finnish electro-rock project Forwardman last featured.

Forwardman - We Are


A nine track LP is slated for release this year and the first track from the album – We Are – was revealed on the 1st.

A quite different sound emerges from the speakers with the electronica taking front stage allowing We Are a more luxurious generosity of texturing that fills the room in expansive frequencies which, like agitating foaming bubbles, resolve in to ever changing shapes of sonic weave in to which the audience fruitlessly stretches arms to embrace.

We Are – Single – Forwardman is available on iTunes.*

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Deer – Wild Eyes – Video

The Hong Kong based electro-rock duo Deer revealed their latest track on the 1st.

Deer - Wild Eyes


Wild Eyes is more guitar orientated than music of theirs previously while retaining the underpinning of electronica allowing them to deliver a song which fills the room in a deep-purple haze as the mesmeric vocal takes the spotlight.

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Nemra – Born In 94 – Single Review

The Armenian electro-rock band Nemra revealed the single Born In 94 on the 3rd.



For a while now Nemra and I have been exchanging emails with timing never quite being matched, so it is with some delight, finally everything has aligned with Born In 94.

Immediately on hitting play the listener finds themselves joining in with the skipping beat that joyfully steps through the room. Keys and bass conjoin to deepen the score marks of the footsteps while the guitar is freed to give the song its texturing while the vocal pirouettes through the ears leaving the audience delighted to have spent time in their company.

As importantly Nemra are not a one trick pony as they are equally adept are delivering more compacted blues infused rock’n’roll and it comes as no surprise they are well received in their locale, it is however a sadness that their music is not better known internationally.

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