hedfog – OK – Audio

The Australian electro-lofi project hedfog releases the EP the space between us on the 1st of April.



On hitting play the listener is taken to a munificence of retrospective analogue electronica and one, if a longer stay reader, is immediately transported to the Mediterranean with recollection of the two Maltese bands – The Shh and Bark Bark Bark Disco.

A five track release (available on bandcamp) that is the perfect antidote to a fraught day with its luxurious warming tones that settle the pace of the mind. My pick of the release being the opener OK.

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Electric Light Pulp – Who Am I? – Audio

The Brazilian electro-lofi project Electric Light Pulp released the LP I’m Not Here on the 13th.

Electric Light Pulp - Who Am I?

Electric Light Pulp

An eight track album of instrumentation and electronica which has dour air which slowly envelopes the room in a grey shroud like a thick fog, leaving the listener encased in a ghostly soundscape that flickers dark shadowy figures which are never fully revealed.

The fourth of the eight tracks on the LP (available on bandcamp) is Who Am I?.

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Billionaire – World Loves A Trier – Audio

The English electro-lofi project centred around John SterryBillionaire – releases the EP Cheap Credit on the 31st.



From the forthcoming EP – the penultimate of the five tracks – World Loves A Trier has a mystical presence that hangs in the air long after the song has completed.

Those of longer stay may recollect the name John Sterry being first introduced back in 2009 as part of Gaoler’s Daughter and whilst over seven years have passed the distinctive voice still remains as recognisable and absorbing as ever was the case.

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