Solokkhz – Psychicken – Audio

Solokkhz from Israel has a new six track EP Space Wiki scheduled for May the 15th.

Solokkhz - Space Wiki

Solokkhz – Space Wiki

The music producer Shlomo Man carries on life in a couple of guises, primarily working with electro artists from around the world through the label Electro Labs, the artists from whom feature from time to time, also doing his own thing as Solokkhz.

From the forthcoming EP is the audio for Psychicken.

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Plastic Dog – Ones and Zeros (Original Mix) – Audio

From New Zealand – Adrian Nesbitt – aka Plastic Dog has released a new three track deep house EP – Distorted Ways through the Israeli label Electro Labs.

Plastic Dog -  Distorted Ways artwork

Plastic Dog – Distorted Ways artwork

Here is – Ones and Zeros – track two of the EP and as it is 22:33 on a Sunday evening where I am, as this is being published, what better way to finish off the weekend?

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Solokkhz – Crack it Smack it – Audio

Solokkhz – aka Shlomo Man –  from Israel who runs the label Electro Labs is set to release the four track EP The Dome imminently.

Solokkhz - The Dome - EP cover

Solokkhz – The Dome – EP cover

From time to time emerging indie bands features pure dance tracks as sometimes we just need it to refresh the ears and like an earbud here is Crack It Smack It.

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