Kambree – Check In – Single Review

Kambree is an electro-indie outfit from the USA.



Often reviews take far longer than they should and Kambree are case in point – they are able to deliver music that finds the listener dancing the night away while eagerly seeking out their back catalogue. limited though it is to an eponymous four track EP.

The latest song to be released, which came out on the 16th and is available on bandcamp, Check In has an unfettered joie de vivre that minds of a puppy bouncing around in the garden and the audience is impulsively drawn to join in with the pulsing rhythms.

I merely countenance – be prepared to have a sweaty brow after the irrepressible dance inducement of Check In.

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Benjamin Gabe – Speed Of Light – Video

The Slovakian electro-indie duo Benjamin Gabe are finalising details for an EP release later this year.

Benjamin Gabe

Benjamin Gabe

Following on from the 2016 EP First Wings – the first track to surface from the forthcoming EP – Speed Of Light is of more spiralling texture, that has a palpable sense of optimism which spreads through the listener, within its generous gazey landscape.


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Inspired And The Sleep – First Time – Audio

The US electro-indie duo Inspired And The Sleep released the single First Time on the 6th.

Inspired And The Sleep - First Time

Inspired And The Sleep

A couple of years since last featured, Inspired And The Sleep, in First Time (which is available on bandcamp) reveal a song with a electro-rock rooted opening, prior to stepping out to an indie-dance flow, yet are able to conjoin two quite distinct ideas and deliver a song that doesn’t jar for its dichotomy rather sweeps up the listener in its deft execution.

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Ansonia – Rest Of Me – Audio

The US electro-indie duo Ansonia released their début EP – ULTRASENSITIVE on the 23rd.



A blues streaked guitar plies its wares with electronica laying as the infrastructure to support a more than capable vocal to deliver an EP (available on bandcamp) which takes the listener on a journey of easy to engage songs, which, although quite different from one another, each contain captivating flowing combinations.

My pick of the release being Rest Of Me.


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I’m Not A Band – Mirror – Single Review

The German electro-indie duo I’m Not A Band released the single Mirror on the 1st.

I'm Not A Band - photo credit - Normen Gadiel

I’m Not A Band – photo credit – Normen Gadiel

Making a welcome return to the site after a two year absence in Mirror, I’m Not A Band, are discovered in a richer tapestry of sound than when last featured, though of similar singular disposition enabling them to create a space of their own in a crowded market-sector and the listener who enjoys nature finds themselves enticed by the expressive keys as those who enjoy stemmed loops and are tempted by the gloss of electronic-overdub whilst alienating neither approaches to music as the natural spaces of absorbing vocals and keyboard are given the room to breath and work their spell as are the vocoder and gadgets.

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