Band Of The Month – October 2018 – Readers’ Choice

Time, already, for another Readers’ Choice for Band Of The Month.

Proper Einstein - Band of the Month October 2018

Proper Einstein

From the USA – The electro-hop project Proper Einstein.

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Creative Space Cadet – Bound 2 The Police State – Single Review

Creative Space Cadet is the electro-hop project for Tom Feltenberger, from the USA, to deliver his thoughts on the world around.

Creative Space Cadet

Creative Space Cadet

The most recent song to be revealed – Bound 2 The Police State –  which came out a few hours ago, contemplates of the narrative of State and Population by which the US is increasingly riven, with resultant sectional social insularity and polarisation of perspective.

The power of the music by Creative Space Cadet is that although the mood of thought is frustration it isn’t delivered in screaming furiosity, rather mellowed electronica which extends an arm towards all, while searching for answers on how to rebuild connections rather then seeking to further wedge clefts in to silos.


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Contour – Underwater Love – Audio

The US electro-hop project Contour released the LP Softer earlier in the month.

Contour - Photo Credit - Clifford Pate

Contour – Photo Credit – Clifford Pate

An engrossing roughly twenty four minutes, six track album – Softer (available on bandcamp) fuses ambient EDM with hip-hop to deliver a release of distinctive soundscape.

As an introduction to the creativity of Contour the third piece on the LP – Underwater Love.

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