Black Fun Surgery – Black Smoke – Audio

The England based electro-goth duo Black Fun Surgery are finalising details for the LP Patches.

Black Fun Surgery - Black Smoke

Black Fun Surgery

The latest song to surface Black Smoke (available on bandcamp) is less compacted than the last track to feature – Plastic.

The drifting vocal gives the song an ethereal layer through which electronica oscillates between pulsing beats and shadowy echoing, resulting in a song that is best heard while dancing in a dimly lit cavernous basement.

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Black Fun Surgery – Plastic – Video

Black Fun Surgery is an English electro-goth duo.

Black Fun Surgery

Black Fun Surgery

Minding of the the best in electro-goth that so often emanates from Berlin (Germany) Black Fun Surgery are able to fill the room with an eroto-audio that drips candle-wax on the submissive torso and and is best heard in a warm dungeon.

After a break of over three years – marking their return is – Plastic – which is available on bandcamp, these are a duo I look forward to hearing much more of in short order and hope it isn’t until 2020 that the next track appears.

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Adoration Destroyed – Timelapse – Audio

The US electro-goth quintet Adoration Destroyed released the two track single plus four remixes Ritual Deconstruction on the 25th.

Adoration Destroyed

Adoration Destroyed

Music that is best heard whilst chained in a dark dungeon – the first of the six tracks on the release (available on bandcampTimelapse – akin to teasing tasseled whip-lashes – leaves the listener pleading for more and with fortune there is another roughly twenty one minutes of the almost twenty five, in total on Ritual Deconstruction, as the song closes.

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Borg Queen – We’re All Whores – Video

Borg Queen is an electro-goth creator.

Borg Queen

Borg Queen

I have noticed over the past few years that the most evocative in dark-electro seems to surface in Canada and Borg Queen continues that thread of discovery.

Despite exchanging emails since January, I have successfully been late to every response – so it is with an apology to everyone that finally – I am getting round to a performer I do enjoy and trust you will do too.

Drawing deep analogy between BDSM and the realities of everyday life for the 99%. Revealing music of whips and chains which like a dungeon mistress prowl around the room in disappointed menace of clicking stiletto-heels.

From the ten track Sex, Drugs & Shiny Brass Poles LP – the penultimate – We’re All Whores.


Sex, Drugs & Shiny Brass Poles – Borg Queen is available on iTunes.*

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She Pleasures Herself

She Pleasures Herself from Lisbon in Portugal is the electro-goth trio of David Francisco (Synths / Guitar), Nuno Francisco (Drums / Programming) and Nuno Varudo (Vocals / Bass).

She Pleasures Herself

She Pleasures Herself

All experienced musicians She Pleasures Herself came together last year and have been able to reveal a début LP – Fetish which was released earlier in the month.

The dark menacing textures of instrumental and synthetic sounds drift from the speakers like a dark fog with the vocal superbly aligned to the musical context, seemingly surfacing from somewhere high above, with its mesmerising, menacing delivery.

Quickly the listener becomes lost inside a shroud of industrial electronica which unrelentingly cloaks the audience in tighter embrace in well paced and layered shadows, sadly far too soon their one release thus far is over.

I look forward to hearing much more of She Pleasures Herself in short order as immediately out of they starting gate they already have much to the world of music.

By way of an introduction, from the eleven track album (available on bandcamp), Touch.

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