Tiny Rockets

Sawing their way out of Birmingham in England is the electro-fuzz trio of Charlie, Rob and Dean who form Tiny Rockets.

Tiny Rockets - electro-fuzz from England

Tiny Rockets

With material dating back three years, taking the time to thread through the back-log of the catalogue of Tiny Rockets is well worth undertaking.

The sagging bass strings which feature throughout the path of Tiny Rockets, can’t do anything other than charm my thoughts. An ever present obstinacy of percussion maintains the momentum, whilst electronics weave a path into the brain like a gnarly hornet. Scattered vocal pits around the room in scattergun and the audience is left to thrive in the ricochets which whirl around the head.

Tiny Rockets do not seek to assuage the listener in their frontal lobotomies of sound, merely asking for trust that it will work and they are like skilled practitioners of neuro-surgery as after a treatment under their drill-bit there is nothing but a sense of the nucleus accumbens having been massaged and the mind is left with intense pleasure.

Released on the 7th was their latest, just under 40 minutes, LP –  TinyRocketsRgo – a superb place to start if you are not already familiar with Tiny Rockets.

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