Wildhart – New Beginning – Audio

The Swedish electro-dream duo Wildhart revealed a new track a few hours ago.

Wildhart - photo credit - Saana Nala Kotila

Wildhart – photo credit – Saana Nala Kotila

Having been fairly quiet for quite some time a couple of tracks have surfaced recently, with little fanfare, which may indicate of plans for a fuller release – time will tell.

For now the newest song, with its ethereal signature – New Beginning.


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Sredni Vashtar

Dan PhelanJon Bell and Tony Walters from London in England combine to form the electro-dream band Sredni Vashtar.

Sredni Vashtar - electro-dream from England

Sredni Vashtar

Easing their way into the room Sredni Vashtar combine magnetic loops of synthetics with instrumentation and vocal to deliver a dreamy space in which to rest the head. A progressive percussion is accompanied by a persuasive bass-line – which infect the brain, whilst smoky wafts of guitar float gently past the ears as shadowy electronics play an array of colours to reflect a subsumed vocal.

In light of the soft textures it is significant that the compositions are able to burrow so deep into the psyche. Sredni Vashtar have a global reach with their sounds, which transcend national boundaries as the somewhat incorporeal mysticism pushes the listener into a reflexive sub-consciousness.

Making their music constantly available for those who don’t have the opportunity to see them live, I have had the opportunity to explore their extensive back catalogue. Less than year into their formation the trio are still exploring the themes they wish to pursue and each ingeminate finds them with a firmer handle on their core sound and I look forward to keeping up with Sredni Vashtar as they develop their career.

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