AJK James – Here Comes Your Fight – Single Review

AJK James is an England based electro-blues project.

AJK James

AJK James

The most recent song to surface, which appeared on the 3rd, Here Comes Your Fight draws in, like a magnet, tinctures of disparities of ideas to deliver a soft orb which, much like a stress ball, that by its tactile squigginess makes everything external seem peripheral and thereby sloughs off the wrinkles of the day.

Despite being ambient in delivery, there is much happening underneath the surface, with electronica pooling thoughts of space odyssey and percussion loops providing the motion as the synthesised guitar gently unfurls in the undulations of the sound while a quietly rippling vocal tickles the earlobes.


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Evanoff – Crowd Control – Audio

The US electro-blues trio Evanoff will be releasing the EP Dark Before Dawn next month.

Evanoff - Crowd Control


The spacey, second of the four tracks on the release, Crowd Control works on a spacious canvass as the trio take the listener on a funky rhythm in a song that was inspired by travelling with Syrian Refugees newly arrived in to Europe and is reflective of the concept of the whole EP which aims to communicate on this transitional journey of simultaneously being haunted by recent experience whilst growing in optimism for the future.

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