Band of the Month – March 2016 – Editors’ Choice

It must be the end of the month as it is once again time for the Editors’ Choice for band of the month.

Electric Beans - Band Of The Month March 2016

Electric Beans

From France – Electric Beans.

Sans Modération is available on bandcamp.

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Electric Beans – Comptine Punk – Audio

Electric Beans is a French new-wave quartet.

Electric Beans - Sans Modération - artwork

Electric Beans – Sans Modération – artwork

Marking a mid-way point in development Sans Modération is a bakers dozen track album of live recordings lasting just under an hour and a quarter. With material from their first studio LP and five from the next album which is already in the wings, along with one new track on neither, it is well worth tying up the 14 hole DMs to dance alongside. Sadly, although I am able to take a listen,  I am unable to share any more than one song with you – the penultimate – Comptine Punk.

Whilst the music is more than worth taking time to gather in your friends to enjoy in riotous party, I do get the sense that Electric Beans are working too hard at trying to being interesting, rather than being who they are in reality and there is a danger they will be so subsumed in ‘ideas of PR’ they will forget why they actually write the music.

Time will tell and I sincerely hope I am proven to be wrong.


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