El Deyma – Dino Monkey – Video

It has been almost exactly a year since the England based alt-rock trio El Deyma last featured.

El Deyma - Dino Monkey

El Deyma

A side project they have been running over the past few years has been the series about a character called The Magic Shoe – which has a very different soundtrack to their more usual melancholia with a cabaret feel.

The latest instalment Chapter 3 Dino Monkey has been a year in the making.

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El Deyma – Top Mountain Sky – Video

The England based melancholic-rock trio El Deyma are finalising details of an EP.

El Deyma - Top Mountain Sky

El Deyma

From the forthcoming release, the instrumental Top Mountain Sky, although only lasting for just over two and a half minutes casts its spell on the audience and long after the sadness of violin have drifted away the mind remains bewitched.

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El Deyma – My Last Day on Earth – Single Review

The England based melancholic rock trio El Deyma released the single My Last Day on Earth on the 28th of January.

El Deyma - My Last Day on Earth

El Deyma

Much like wandering into a Leonard Cohen track no-one quite knows if any one is going to emerge alive, merely know they will enjoy the darkness of it all and such is El Deyma and My Last Day on Earth.

The bellicose intransigence with life scours across the room in conflictive argument of opportunism and despondency as El Deyma akin to tying a deadmans knot to a hangmans noose reflects on the artefact of moments reflective as melancholic bowed strings extract the entrails of the consternation, whilst pulsating strummed guitar extols there is a space for existence. The languid synth spirals in neutrality as sometimes marching to the beat of a valediction other times in funereal lament percussion reflects of the conundrum.

It has been over a year since El Deyma last featured and their music, if only there was more of it, needs embracing far more regularly and assuming most of us didn’t end up on a self-inflicted mortuary slab I look forward to heralding more in the future.

My Last Day on Earth – Single – El Deyma is available on iTunes.*

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El Deyma

Originating from disparate parts of the globe the fusion-rock trio of FloGiulio Moro and Dan Bogo who form El Deyma are now based in London – England.

El Deyma - fusion rock from England

El Deyma

El Deyma suitably reflect of a conversation I seem to have on loop – the ‘Indie‘ in Emerging Indie Bands doesn’t refer to a genre specific site, rather a state of mind and surprising as it may for those who instigate these conversations I am often taken aback by the range of music that I suggest you should spend time with and this trio is an exemplar of that amazement on my side as the writer of the review.

Harmonized keys and strings are melted gently into a batter mix and turning out comes a deftly executed Crêpe Suzette as El Deyma coalesce their broad influences to offer the audience a sound that like the afore-mentioned delicacy holds interest for those of bitter, sugary, refined or simple taste as the trio transcend differences to make for a point of cohesion.

Whilst probably not for any particular reader as a must for the every-day play-list to not hear El Deyma is to miss music that has much to add to everything and I thank Flo, Giulo and Dan for the creativity and please do keep delivering such elegant offerings.

website (be aware music starts immediately)

Exclusive Try – Single – El Deyma is available on iTunes.*

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