Ekkomouse – Hunter – Audio

It has been just over four years since the US alt-rock duo Ekkomouse last featured.

Ekkomouse - Hunter


The latest track to surface which appeared on the 21st – Hunter – is a rumbling number that minds of a steamroller trundling along the road, as the deep bass and gnarly percussion scrunch the bluesy guitar in to a compressed range, through which the vocal slips and slides.

Their slightly experimental songs, which comprise of natural instrumentation, a drum machine and voice are always able to retain a cohesive sense of travel, whilst simultaneously flecking the tracks with jostling interventions that catch the listener off-guard, Hunter being no exception.

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Ekkomouse – Silent Scream – Video

The USA based duo who make up Ekkomouse have the knack of sounding like a five piece band.

Ekkomouse - Take A Piece - Artwork

Ekkomouse – Take A Piece – Artwork

A five track EP Take A Piece (which is available on bandcamp) was released on the 2nd of this month as a follow-up to their LP Suspicious Cricket and whilst there is a similarity in the rumblings of the bass line Ekkomouse have rounded the sound to deliver more contextual music, which is enhanced by extending the use of electronics to develop the harmonies.

It will be interesting to see if this marks a new direction of travel for Ekkomouse.

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