New Year Ninety 2017 – 50 to 41

Most of the world will now be in 2017 regardless of time-zone – the half-way mark of the New Year Ninety Chart 2017 – 50 – 41.

UK Feds - New Year Ninety 2017

UK Feds

50. The Extons (England)

49. The Struts (England)

Put Your Hands Up is available on Amazon.*

48. Them Ohs (USA)

18 to 21 is available on Bandcamp

47. UK Feds (England)

Living in Anger – EP – Ukfeds is available on iTunes.*

46. Dogstrum (USA)

Murtsgod is available on Bandcamp

45. Broken Barrels (USA)

A Little off the Top – EP – Broken Barrels is available on iTunes.*

44. Way Out (USA)

WAY OUT is available on Bandcamp

43. Mark John (England)

Long Time Coming – Single – Mark John is available on iTunes.*

42. Knky Roots (Canada / USA)

41. Bathrobe Robots (USA)

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Bathrobe Robots – Eponymous – Single Review

The US alt-electro duo Bathrobe Robots released their début eponymous three track single on the 7th.

Bathrobe Robots

Bathrobe Robots

Opening with Cannibals a cathartic just over three minutes of blips and squiggles which are – like a dot to dot puzzle connected by the guitar and fluid vocal with a pulsing beat that rises and falls which coils around the listener as though the Asp biting Cleopatra. My pick of the release.

Next is Be Somebody (Acoustic) the term ‘acoustic’ is loosely applied as the electronic loops revolve like cathode rays in a vacuum led around the room by acoustic guitar as the duo of voices wax and wane between one another whilst the finesse is the percussion that trips off the rims and the audience finds themselves involuntarily tapping fingers in quick time to provide their own accompaniment – more than worth the price of admission on its own.

The closer is Egyptian Annie another intriguing number that is a full minute shorter than the previous tracks, yet due to the packing contains as much inflection as the other two songs with its bouncing beat skipping around the room whilst the listener joins in with the rise and fall.

Bathrobe Robots have opened their account with an expansive spread of styles and technique, each of which they deliver with deft hand and it will be interesting to discover where they thread for the future.

The only sadness with Bathrobe Robots is that they are so new there are only three tracks around – so you have been through the whole repertoire and I look forward to being able to hear more in short order.

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