Protovulcan – The Force Remains The Same – Audio

Surfacing from Chicago (USA) the trio of Nicholas Ammerman (Guitar), Deric Criss (Drums) and Will MacLean (Moog Bass / Wurlitzer / Vocoder) are the dystopian-rock band Protovulcan who on the 25th of January 2019 will be releasing the double LP Life Is Twigs / Psychic Pinball.


Three years since their last LP, Stakes is Low (available on bandcamp), their return is more than welcome.

The first track to surface from the release – The Force Remains the Same – is marked by a darkness that rumbles through the room in which extensive use of delay pedal gives the music its irrepressible oppressive presence, laying all ground to dust in its wake.

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Brian Eaton – Bullet Sponge – Audio

The dystopian-rock creator Brian Eaton from Portland, Oregon (USA) releases the LP Hard Bent on the 16th of November.

Brian Eaton

Brian Eaton

A harrowing collection of ten songs, which although a retrospective of the Vietnam war is equally resonant of all the battles being fought around the globe, with a dour measure reflective of the countless lost lives.

Despite the dark subject the music has an alluring attraction in which the listener becomes fully engrossed through its roughly forty nine minutes journey. Bullet Sponge is the fifth track.


Hard Bent – Brian Eaton is available on iTunes.*

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Terminal Gods – Interplay – Audio

The English dystopian-rock band Terminal Gods release the LP Meridian on the 25th of August.

Terminal Gods - Interplay

Terminal Gods

The overbearing shadow of Interplay – the penultimate of the eight tracks on the album (available on bandcamp) broods over the listener akin to the control of the Vril-ya in The Coming Race by Bulwer-Lytton.

Regular readers will know I do have a predilection to the dark and oppressive so will be expecting I couldn’t pass this by without a recommendation to dim the lights and turn up the volume, for those new to the site – if this doesn’t rattle your bones – then Emerging Indie Bands is not necessarily where you will discover your daily fare of music to make the day better.

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