Ceiling Demons – The Rose – Audio

On the 22nd the English dystopian-hop outfit Ceiling Demons released the LP Nil.

Ceiling Demons - photo credit - Nick Wesson

Ceiling Demons – photo credit – Nick Wesson

It is very easy to get embroiled within the brooding countenance of the compositions and specifically vocals which feed their way into the arteries akin to a deep injection that throttles almost immediately in to the brain – yet so to do is to omit the musical creativity underpinning the tracks which resulting affords them the bleak-background that makes the material so enticing.

A track which is easy to skip over is the opener of the ten tracks on Nil (available on bandcamp) – The Rose which does explore both compositional abilities and root-stock in a track which is framed in a folk architecture and once having ingested this – everything else flows not only for its societal commentary but also the songwriting technicalities and greater appreciation of the selection of instrumentation and framework of the subsequent songs.

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Dom King – Ball – Single Review

The dystopian-hop creator Dom King, from the USA, surfaced with a new track on the 5th.

Dom King

Dom King

A thumping bass splices through the sub-woofer leaving it dancing on its own axis as the lyrical comments on societal structures and neuro-linguistic-programming press release which bears no relationship to the realities of life for the 99% where trading a living in ‘expected behaviour’ is merely eking out a life served for the benefit of the 1% whilst the daily grind curtails any sense of personal value, demanding of the listener to snap the chains of slavery and seek an alternative avenue for self-fulfilment rather than one of servitude.

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The US dystopian-hop project JE DOUBLE F releases the LP HUMAN RITES on the 1st of May.



A dark and heavy anvil crashes in to the room – announcing the arrival of JAGGED EDGE – with its commentary of society imploding under its own short-sighted selfishness. Despite lasting less than one hundred and ten seconds – the track does all it needs and is made more brutal because of its brevity.

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