Dusk – The Names You Got – Audio

The US country-rock quintet Dusk released their eponymous LP on the 15th.



A ten track album (available on bandcamp) which takes the listener on a wide reaching journey of sound with the songs ranging from tear-jerkers to shoe-shuffling rock’n’roll. Their key point of difference of sound being the synthesised keys that enables Dusk to head far from the more trodden dusty trail and stake out their own ground.

The closing track is The Names You Got.

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Kylmyys – N I G H T V I S I O N – Video

The US ambient-wave duo Kylmyys release the LP Dusk on the 30th.

Kylmyys - Dusk - artwork

Kylmyys – Dusk – artwork

The approximately thirty two minutes, eight track, album is a soundtrack to listen to while watching the stars at night laying on a remote hilltop as the music expands to fill the void, leaving the audience contemplative of the vastness of the universe.

The fifth song – N I G H T V I S I O N – has been made available in advance of the LP.


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