Dub Chieftain – Nasty Walk – Audio

The Scottish experimental-sonics creator Dub Chieftain was introduced earlier this year.

Dub Chieftain - Nasty Walk

Dub Chieftain

The latest track to appear – Nasty Walk – that was made available about half a day ago – is another example of his ability to make the unplayable a joy to the ears in just under four and a third minutes of scratches revolving around an expanding reggae loop.

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Dub Chieftain – Lighthugger – Audio

Dub Chieftain is an experimental-sonics project from Scotland.

Dub Chieftan

Dub Chieftan

The latest track to surface – Lighthugger, which came out a few hours ago disports of the searching mind of Dub Chieftain as analogue meets the latests electronics in a just over four minute collision of angles which, like suspended swaying crystals breaking sunlight into a spectrum of colours into the room, transfixes the mind.

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