Drunk Mums – Order From Chaos – Audio

It was back in 2013 that the Australian new wave quartet Drunk Mums were introduced and last featured – tomorrow they release the LP Urban Cowboy.

Drunk Mums - photo by @photoyunist

Drunk Mums – photo by @photoyunist

Even on recording it is discernible that Drunk Mums is a band to get to see live as the ten crumpled tracks on the album (available on bandcamp) come staggering in to the room borne on slurred guitar, which even after faffing around with multi-tracking and mastering can’t disguise the earthy, infectious, energy of the quartet.

The roughly thirty six minutes (over seven and a half minutes of which is contained in the closing song Ripper, with most songs reaching conclusion well within three minutes) LP merely asks the listener to clear space, turn up the volume and pogo to the blues-fused garage rock’n’roll.

My pick of the release being the third – Order From Chaos.

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Drunk Mums

Drunk Mums – alt-indie from Melbourne in Australia is Jake Doyle (Guitar / Vocals), Dean Whitby (Guitar / Vocals), Jonny Badlove (Drums / Vocals) and Adam Ritchie (Bass / Vocals).

Drunk Mums - alt indie from Australia

Drunk Mums

Much like the name would suggest Drunk Mums is music having a good time, there is nothing pretentious, extraneous or extravagant, just well delivered rough and ready rock. Somewhat hazy the sound reflects one too many beers with a meandering and immensely entertaining sound.

Having stood the test of time – extending into their fourth year imminently Drunk Mums have established something of a hardcore following, I would guess for the live performances which can only be a riot of chaos and pulsating rooms pouring sweat down the walls. Don’t take from that, this isn’t well constructed material as inside the frenetic energy lay some sublime riffs and rolls to captivate the ears. To sound so carefree and enthusiastic you have to know what you are doing and these guys definitely do.

Tracks rarely extend beyond the three minute boundary and can normally be found to fit comfortably within two and a half minutes. How could I not recommend you tarry with Drunk Mums.


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