Pretty City

Pretty City is the psychedelic trio of Hugh Matthews, John-Luis Moretti and Drew Schapper from Melbourne in Australia.

Pretty City - Psychedelia from Australia

Pretty City

The best way to get to Pretty City is to take a forage in the gardens of Buckingham Palace in London, England, the home of Mrs. Mountbatten, better known globally as Queen Elizabeth II, where you will find Magic Mushrooms. Shut the curtains, don a tie-dyed kaftan turn on slowly rotating globes and lay back to enjoy.

The audience is left in a calmly evolving cascade of colours as the trio extend to the ears an intriguing conundrum of songs which typically last less than three minutes, yet seem to take the mind on a journey lasting an hour or two of intrigue as Pretty City introduce sliding veils of texture in which the brain can relax and stretch time. It is no mean feat to invest in a short track sufficient layering that it sounds as though it runs far longer, yet remain unhurried in delivery. These guys are smart cookies at composing and delivering their material.

Second Hand Clothes only last 02:46, if you don’t find time bending you are reading the wrong website.

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