Cousin Moon – Eaten By An Eagle In August – Audio

Cousin Moon is a dreamy-rock quintet from the USA.

Cousin Moon

Cousin Moon

Turn down the lights and make yourself comfortable prior to hitting play as Cousin Moon deliver their embrocating weaves of textures which float around the room with beguiling suppleness.

The quintet have a plethora of instrumentation, synthesis and vocalists to draw to the fore, yet never overload the listener. Wind instruments, bowed strings, electronics, acoustic and electric guitars, drum pads, natural percussion, keys and much more are all given appropriate run-out in their output – yet never anything out of place as Cousin Moon envelop the listener in softly brushed webs.

Cousin Moon released their eponymous LP earlier this month and from the seventeen track approximately three quarters of an hour album (available on bandcamp) – Eaten By An Eagle In August.

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White Bær

From Dundee in Scotland – Dan Hedge, Nicky Johnston, Danny Sturrock and Adam Valentine got together last year to form the dreamy-rock band White Bær.

White Bær - Dreamy-rock from Scotland

White Bær

The music floats across the room in weaves of dark-blue velvet threads as White Bær wrap the audience in soft embrace. The inclusion of bowed strings gives the material a ghostly presence which captivates the mind in what are fairly lengthy compositions, not unknown to extend over five minutes. An investment of time well worth making as the quartet deliver material which the longer heard, the deeper the mind relaxes into the ambience.

Despite the relative newness of White Bær they have been able to make a decent volume of work available to wider audiences who don’t have the opportunity to see them live and well worth delving into as the mesmeric compositions are not only well written, but deftly delivered.

This is not music to provide at a Rave, nor is it something that you need to wear Evening Dress to listen to and I highly recommend getting to know White Bær who have much to add to the weave of the world of music.

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Three track single The Promise of a Life of Violence is available on bandcamp.

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Pokemon Dad ( 宠物小精灵爸乐队 )

Pokemon Dad ( 宠物小精灵爸乐队 ) based in Shenzhen, China is the dreamy-rock quartet of Kevin Pinner (Drums), Paul Wade (Guitar / Vocals), Greg Merrell (Guitar/ Vocals) and Jonathan Howland (Bass).

Pokeman Dad ( 宠物小精灵爸乐队 ) - dreamy-rock based in China

Pokeman Dad ( 宠物小精灵爸乐队 )

The players, all originally from the USA formed Pokemon Dad about eighteen months ago in their new residency, delivering material which reflects of the broad influences of the band. Psychedelia, maths-rock and indie-rock coexist within the dreamy spires of sound. The quartet are able to creative expansive gaps in chords without loosing impetus, which gives the pieces their spacious nature as echoes and reverb flood the room.

Pokeman Dad are able to drive concepts of maths-angularity with the folding features of psychedelia effectively and the resulting out-put marks a difference of space. Guitars and voices are not used to add volume, rather paint the rich textures which gives the material its interest.

Track lengths are also highly variable from under two minutes to approaching six, but the listener is not left in a state of confusion as there is a thread of sound that gives Pokeman Dad its distinctive style, which is well worth investing time to get to know.

Their début LP Casual Males (随便男人) was released last month, to follow up an eponymous two track single that surfaced in January of last year.

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Casual Males – Pokemon Dad is available on iTunes.*

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