Liar Boy – Within Me – Audio

The US dreamy-lofi project Liar Boy released the LP Firestarter today.

Liar Boy

Liar Boy

Regularly dropping thoughts to music Firestarter is the fifth album to appear in just over a year. A twenty seven track, roughly an hour long, release (available on bandcamp) that quietly drifts through the room in combinations of gauzed guitar, electronics and filtered vocal which is best heard in quiet repose within a flotation tank.

Tracks typically last only a couple of minutes yet seem to melt one in to the other affording a sense of continual flow of a stream of consciousness in which to the listener and music becomes as one.

My selection from the album being the the fifth – Within Me.

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somesurprises – mayor skipped town – Audio

The US dreamy-lofi quartet somesurprises released the EP serious dreams on the 20th.

somesurprises - serious dreams - Cassette

somesurprises – serious dreams – Cassette

With a deft eye on societal discontent somesurpises proffer music which reflects on the reality of the silos of raging isolationism so many seek as safe harbour, in a world that has become ever more disjointed and disconnected, as the theoretical connectivity of pixel friendships and chasing populism through random likes becomes the mantra of normality whilst driving ever more entrenched wedges, with the tracks resonating of personal one to one interaction and all that that befalls.

From the five track EP, available on bandcamp as, one hundred only, limited edition cassette and / or digital download, the opener is the engrossing mayor skipped town.

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