San Jua – In The Teeth Of – Audio

The Sweden / England based dreamwave duo San Jua were introduced earlier in the year.

San Jua - In The Teeth Of

San Jua – In The Teeth Of

With a more dynamic range than their music previously featured. The latest track, which surfaced yesterday, In The Teeth Of retains a luscious dreamy web of synthesis whilst there is a tauter instrumentation and fired percussion giving the song a deeper imprint through which the spectral vocal shimmers and subtle key-change affords the composition an every changing texturing.

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Non m’importa della luna – Dream Inn – Audio

The Chilean dreamwave sextet Non m’importa della luna released their début LP El Fin del Mundo y Antes del Amanecer on the 15th.

Non m'importa della luna

Non m’importa della luna

With a wide spread of instrumentation, including electronica, percussion, guitars and violin along with changing vocalists enable Non m’importa della luna to deliver multilayered compositions in to which the listener becomes immersed as the quiet intonation slips from the speakers.

From the eight track plus four remixes album (available on bandcamp) Dream Inn is the fourth.


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Bolinas – Angostura – Single Review

The US dreamwave band Bolinas released the single Angostura earlier in the month.



Without any of the bitterness of taste of the name of the botanicals – in Angostura (available on bandcamp) Bolinas take the listener on a silky smooth flow of synths, instrumentation and voice.

The listener is minded of the sumptuousness of a rich chocolate and cherry sponge overlaid with a thick double cream as the just over four and three quarters minutes song revolves through the ears gently massaging away knots in the neck muscles leaving the audience sweeping gently with the breeze of the folding electronica which settles in the room.

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Floral Couches – Dim Lights – Audio

The US dreamwave project Flora Couches released the LP Electric Fever on the 16th.

Floral Couches

Floral Couches

Although the nine track album (available on bandcamp) has a melancholic air the listener is not drawn in to a well of despondency rather slow-stepping with head gently laid on the shoulder of a partner in the luxurious textures of electronics, instrumentation and hazy vocal that float through the ears.

My selection from Electric Fever being the antepenultimate – Dim Lights.


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Faith Healer – Sterling Silver – Audio

On the 8th of September the Canadian dreamwave project Faith Healer release the LP Try ;​-​).

Faith Healer

Faith Healer

A nine track album (available on bandcamp) which straddles a wide pit with music refraining from the psychedelic to art-rock with much synthesis inside – yet the commonality of theme is the melting flow of the hypnotic vocal which flows through the ears akin to a spectral hallucination as referenced in the fourth song Sterling Silver.

For those who have been hanging around since the 2015 LP Cosmic Troubles for the follow-up long player you will discover a far more floating vocal and introduction of electronics along with far less timbre as it has been in the hands of a range compressing mainstream radio producer, though equally be delighted that the trippy nature of the sounds remains at the heart of everything.

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