BountyTweex – Only One Thing – Single Review

BountyTweex is a new Russian dreamwave duo.



Currently there is just the one track around Only One Thing, though I am given to believe a second song will surface next week and an LP later in the year.

The dreamy vocal curls around the listener with its captivating echo while electronica adds a multi-dimensional ever changing backdrop allowing the BountyTweex to deliver a roughly six and a half minutes song in Only One Thing that doesn’t seem in the least excessive, in fact could comfortably hold attention for considerably longer.

News of the future material suggests that amongst it will be songs of faster dance pace and I look forward to hearing what else BountyTweex have tucked away in the locker.

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Night Hikes

Night Hikes is the dreamwave duo of Olivia Godby and Matthew Farrell from San Diego in the USA.

Night Hikes

Night Hikes

I feel as though I have suddenly become a religious zealot confessing their sins in the hope of redemption as for the second time in the past twenty four hours this is featured with an apology. It was back in January that Night Hikes first made contact and even the follow up exchange of emails result in me only getting back to this half a month late. I am sure you are less interest in my ever present administration errors than the music…

…With around three quarters of an hour of music to hear Night Hikes offer compositions that, akin to drifting clouds on a summer day, cast only a hazy shadow on the listener as guitar, bass, synth and percussion gently flow through the room in melting layers of texture whilst the hushed vocal caresses the ears leaving the listener becalmed and bewitched by the luxurious softness of touch of the compositions.

Night Hikes are not a band to play as you rush for the daily commute, rather far better to lounge with when time is not of the essence to fully enjoy and experience the silky webs of the songs.


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Summer & Phil M – Echoes Of The Heart – Audio

The Mauritian dreamwave duo Summer & Phil M release the single Echoes Of The Heart on the 18th.

Summer & Phil M

Summer & Phil M

Getting together only this year, the duo deliver a washed soundtrack that seemingly melts its way in the listeners brain leaving them in dreamy hypnosis from which there is no desire to awake.

The softly brushed synths flow back and forth like waves gently lapping a sandy beached shoreline while the voice curls softly over the audience wrapping them in threads of soft gossamer.

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Black Dough – Changes – Single Review

Black Dough is a dreamwave band from Sweden.

Black Dough

Black Dough

Having fused as individuals on the jazz scene the quartet go together to combine, as a side project, to generate ideas of more experimental and leisured pace in the form of Black Dough.

The latest song to surface – Changes has a nebulous and amorphous drift that captivates the attention for the very fact of its intangibility, in which the listener is invited to let their mind roam freely, unfettered by daily mundanities, despite the lyric being of decidedly societal critique.

The fragile architecture sweeps within itself through the six and a tenth minutes track in every changing ebb and flow, whilst the voice peers from overhead as though a condemnatory guillotine.

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Magicks – Love Ritual – Video

The US dreamwave outfit Magicks were initially introduced in 2014.

Magicks - Love Ritual


From their latest EP Moon Rituals (available on bandcamp), the second of the four tracks Love Ritual.

A sense of tranquillity descends over the listeners, who find themselves drifting in serene silence through the ethereal gentle folds of the composition.

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