Birthday Wish – Other. Minds – Single Review

Birthday Wish is a US dreamwave quartet.

Birthday Wish

Birthday Wish

I am once again late to another article, so my apologies to everyone for my poor administration.

Birthday Wish are all too familiar with my late replies as on the 7th of this month I dropped them an email apologising for the late response to an email of theirs from October 2016 to which I received an almost instantaneous response to let me know of the single Other. Minds which had been released on bandcamp a few hours earlier – it has taken me until now to actually get to that email too.

Infrequently releasing new tracks, with Other. Minds being the follow up to the 2016 EP Born To A Cause (also on bandcamp) is of very different flavour to the last, mathematical-architectured, release.

Other. Minds, though only lasting less than three minutes, seeps deep in to the marrow bone as the music drifts through the room in a hazy flow of synthesis and instrumentation as it slows down the pace of the day to a more gentle undulation and a track to pull out when life gets too frenetic.

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Over Sands – ISTHMUS – Single Review

The English dreamwave duo Over Sands released the single ISTHMUS on the 27th of February.

Over Sands - ISTHMUS

Over Sands – ISTHMUS

Last featured in 2015 it is good to catch up with the output which has a reference point to three years ago with music of dreamy soundscape, though now of greater synthesis which enables them to to explore the themes of the slowly revolving tracks more fully.

Threads of guitar and electronica interweave through the speakers in unhurried waves which as they expand become ever more fused one in to the other sublimating in to the listener who finds their body and mind syncopating with the immersive fluidity. While the vocal slips in and out of earshot ISTHMUS introduces synthesised brass and samples to fill the spaces which adds further texturing to the melting composition.

Isthmus is available on Amazon.*

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Hanging Valleys – Fortaleza – Audio

The England based dreamwave outfit Hanging Valleys are working towards the release of an EP.

Hanging Valleys

Hanging Valleys

There is a calming mood which flows in to the room on listening to the first song to surface from the EP – Fortaleza (which was released as a stand alone single on the 9th) – as acoustic and electric guitar bend inside a spectral electronica while a hushed percussion can be heard peering through the mist.

On the basis of this, approaching five minutes track, the EP will be something to add to the collection and pull out when life is turning frenetic as the mind relaxes and finds time to refresh.


Fortaleza – Single – Hanging Valleys is available on iTunes.*

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Corniglia – Sleepy Jane – Audio

The Australian dreamwave duo Corniglia released their eponymous LP on the 9th.



Sliding through the room, shimmering like a shoal of mackerel, the music emits flashes of silver and blue in to which the listener wishes to be cloaked, with each of the eleven tracks adding to the sense of hypnotic transcendental meditation.

Clipped guitar is lain abreast of weaving electronica whilst a muffled vocal drifts over the ears gently massaging the synapse rhythms creating a coalescence betwixt audience and Corniglia.

My pick of the release being the penultimate track – Sleepy Jane.


Corniglia – Corniglia is available on iTunes.*

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Liar Boy – Sleeping Pills – Audio

The US dreamwave project Liar Boy released the LP Not Home earlier today.

Liar Boy - Sleeping Pills

Liar Boy

A seventeen track album (available on bandcamp) which invites the listener to relax in quiet thought.

Similar in style to the last feature with its becalming nature the noticeable difference is that individual tracks have a more multilayered texture with the elements diffusing through each other as though undertaking both bonding and incorporated sorption at one and the same time.

My pick of the release is the fifth Sleeping Pills.

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