Ocean Of Noise – Zwid – Video

The Polish dreamsequence project Ocean Of Noise last featured a couple of years ago.

Ocean Of Noise - Zwid

Ocean Of Noise

The newest track to surface, Zwid, is, if anything, of even more REM sleep counterpane as the quietly rotating music gently undulates through the room encroaching in to the mind and inviting the listener far off in to quiet repose.

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Fait from Perth in Australia is the dreamscape songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Elise Higgins.

Fait - dreamscape from Australia


The reverb echoes off the walls as Fait deliver rich, resonating layers of sound which gently waft into the ears. The luxurious textures are pitched across the spectrum with dreamy shoegaze guitar underpinned by deeply pillared bass giving the music an ethereal spaciousness, which allows the compositions to spread their wings once inside the head. An almost imperceptible percussion adds a tempo and direction to the pieces, whilst not interrupting the flow of the music. There is lightness of touch to the tracks which ensures the music avoids becoming self-absorbed and the listener is left feeling part of the unfolding munificence.

A new live performance line-up of Elise (Guitar / Piano / Synth), Michael Antonas (Guitar), Rob Stephens (Bass) and Darrell Sundai (Drums) has enabled Fait to step out of the one player studio recordings to bring the music to the stage and an East Coast Australia tour is scheduled for August.

A début EP, which was recorded in England, the five track Atmosphere was released in May. I look forward to hearing more of this engrossing instrumental rock.


Atmosphere – EP – Fait is available on iTunes*

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