Merpire – Hauntways – Audio

The Australian dream-synth project Merpire is currently working towards the release of an EP.



As  a taster the single Hauntways was released today (available on bandcamp) – a song which holds, simultaneously, both a dreamy soundscape whilst also a tender fragility in which the listener becomes softly robed in the multilayered melodies.


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n i g h t s p o r t – Forget You Now – Single Review

n i g h t s p o r t is a new English dream-synth duo.

n i g h t s p o r t - Forget You Now - artwork

n i g h t s p o r t – Forget You Now – artwork

Their début track Forget You Now was made available on the 15th (on bandcamp).

On hitting play the listener becomes immersed in the mesmerising combinations of electronica, guitar and ethereal vocal that float gently through the room with the synapses slowing to match the calming waves which are delicately lifted part way through by a quietly paced steel-drum bridge prior to resuming the expansive layering of textures.

At present there is no website or social media page, though I am given to believe these are in the offing.

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Vök – Show Me – Video

The Icelandic dream-synth band Vök will be releasing the LP Figure on the 28th of April.

Vök - Show Me


Released as a stand-alone single earlier in the month – Show Me – from the forthcoming album curls gently through the room relaxing all those it touches in a roughly three and a half minutes track that has the hallmarks of their sound.

Show Me – Single – Vök is available on iTunes.*

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Vök from Hafnarfjörður in Iceland is the dream-synth trio of Andri Már, Margrét Rán and Ólafur Alexander.

Vök - Photo by Eygló Gísla

Vök – Photo by Eygló Gísla

The music of Vök floats round the room in dreamy spirals of lugubrious luminescence. Combinations of wind and stringed instruments melt inside synthetics as an expressive vocal delivers a sound in which the mind unwinds as though in a flotation chamber. The trio are able to produce compositions which are gently paced, yet don’t have the listener reaching for the next phrase, rather seeking to hold on to that which has passed.

First appearing live as a duo a couple of years ago, Vök soon developed to a three piece and the additional flexibility has enabled them to create sounds which have an intensity and depth that finds audiences replaying the pieces in their mind long after the curtain has closed.

Vök deliver thoughtful, relational pieces of music in which they invite the mind to shift into gear offering a fascinating collection of material which will fill any evening of quiet reflectivity with a back-drop of existentialism, allowing the brain to contemplate ‘the Other’ in a space of interconnectivity.

social media page

Tension – EP – Vök is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

The Piccadilly Teardrops

The Piccadilly Teardrops from Sheffield in England is the dream synth duo of Kid Faces (Vocals / Keys / Guitar) and Dean Honer  (Keys / Percussion).

The Piccadilly Teardrops dream-synth from England

The Piccadilly Teardrops

Take a deep breath and join The Piccadilly Teardrops in a journey submerged in fluidity. The viscosity of the music makes axle grease seem as though it is filled with grit and the two experienced players proffer a synopsis of the world which is cloaked in a velvet smoking jacket.

My only sadness is that I have to emerge for breath from time to time as the material in their début eighteen minute four track EP – My Family Of Ghosts, which comes out on the 22nd January washes over my body.

Big looping electronics coat the room whilst honing the listener towards a fusion of instrumental and vocal which, no matter how hard the arms attempt to embrace the compositions, are always just a tad out of touching as they glide effortlessly out of grasp. The duo have developed a sound which envelopes the listener in a balm of unctuousness that you just never want to end.

Does this translate to live performance? Most certainly in the right room this a band to see live with others, but don’t expect them to be appearing anywhere to close to you too often, if The Piccadilly Teardrops have their heads screwed on, as without sympathetic acoustics and sound engineer who knows the difference between reverb, echo and damp, the whole point is lost, but in the right venue – I can envisage a crowd braying for more. This is music to share and I do hope they are able to find venues with the right ambience as this is where they will gain the wider recognition they deserve.


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