Lower Cut

Lower Cut from Athens in Greece, is the dream-rock quintet of Eirini Argyri (Vocals), Alex Darmis (Synths / Samples / Programming), Yannis Efthymiou (Bass / Synths / Programming), Billy Mpaldos (Drums) and Vangelis Stavroulakis (Guitar).

Lower Cut - dream-rock from Greece

Lower Cut

Lower Cut are able to fuse the electronic gadgets with instrumentation to deliver music overflowing with textures and moods, yet able to push the played instruments forward in performance to allow the quintet to provide the audience with a sense of connectivity and rounding out the compositions is a luscious vocal that spreads around the room like butter melting into crumpets.

The electronics, whilst the spine of the sound, are not overwhelming as their dreamy layers drift luxuriantly across the ears, to which a forceful percussion cleaves a path through the mistiness and the guitar punctuates the refrains. It is the ability of the voice to create a further dimension to the out-put that raises Lower Cut to a band it is well worth investing time.

Having taken a few months out from live performance, Lower Cut are set to come back to the stage and by reports a band to get out to see, for those not able to get to gigs their recorded material is worth adding to the collection.

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Off My Head – Lower Cut is available on iTunes.*

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Good Morning Finch

From Agrigento in Sicily coalesce John Distefano (Bass / Backing Vocals), Gloria Dante (Drums / Backing Vocals / Ukulele / Tambourine / Congas), Gregorio Scozzari (Guitar) and Lillo Morreale (Vocals / Guitar / Synth / Violin / Glockenspiel) to form the dream-rock band Good Morning Finch.

Good Morning Finch - dream-rock from Sicily

Good Morning Finch

Tumbling out of the speakers Good Morning Finch deliver a munificence of layers that swirls around the brain in an ever engaging wall of texture. The dreamy notes spin into eternity as flows of ideas in mesmeric transitions of soundscapes. The output finds the listener one moment transfixed by tremors of pulsating bass notes, the next by upper registers of alertness as the quartet beguile the ears with tempting fruit.

Whilst the material plays well with recorded material, as a regular reader, you will know, I wonder of the transition betwixt studio and stage, where the real craft is on display. With players in charge of numerous instruments I am not sure how this would work.

Whilst I can ask you to give a moment of your time to recorded pieces, which have a darkly resonating resonance in to which to lay the ears, I am not as convinced as a live band Good Morning Finch can approximate recordings and this is my only caveat to a sound awash with texture which engages the mind.

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Gemini (2015) is available on bandcamp.

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Magic Tundra

Magic Tundra is the dream rock duo of Guillermo Pouso and Lucía Gomez originally from Uruguay who have just moved to Melbourne in Australia.

Magic Tundra - Dream Rock from Australia

Magic Tundra

Magic Tundra is a brand new out-fit in, what to them is, a brand new country and from their introductory email are keen to establish a collaboration in their new location. I am aware there are many readers from Australia who read the site, so if you are looking to extend a hand to a new couple to the area, particularly in Melbourne, please do take the time to reach out to them via their Facebook page.

Of more import to the more global readers, I wouldn’t have extended a public service announcement had I not thought you should spend a few moments getting to know the music of Magic Tundra. The notes are allowed to melt into the room like tempered chocolate as the duo combine instrumentation, vocals and electronics to deliver sounds which flow smoothly around the brain, relaxing the mind, allow it to drift off into a dream state.

On the basis of their very limited material I have been able to hear, I look forward to hearing much more of Magic Tundra over the coming months. With the ability to sing in both Spanish and English and the knack of turning a tune, I hope they find their feet quickly.

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R.M. Hendrix

R.M. Hendrix from Cambridge (Massachusetts) in the USA, centred around the song-writer Michael Hendrix, provides the world with dream rock.

R.M. Hendrix - dream rock from The USA

R.M. Hendrix

Luscious layers of velvet cloak the room in warmth on hitting play as R.M. Hendrix proffer introspection for the listener. I can tell this review will take some time to write as I need to find myself a flotation chamber.

The fuzziness reminds me of dandelion seeds gently wafting in a summer breeze. The partially captured notes set a mesmeric backdrop to which the cerebrum works hard to fill in the gaps and limbic node activates in pleasure as the listener lays transfixed as the brain wrestles the conundrums.

A sound which has logic and emotion firing at odds with one another, cannot do anything than make a mark and regardless of where you sit on the musical style preference sheet, I would be saddened if this didn’t fire up interest.

A delightful release – the eleven track  Urban Turks Country Jerks is due to be coming out on the 28th on Moon Sound Records – and I look forward to spending many more hours in the cloak of R.M. Henrdix over the coming months and years.


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Great Hare

Great Hare a dream rock band from Gothenburg in Sweden is Lars Olausson (Drums), Kalle Mogren (Guitar / Vocals), Anders Holmström (Guitar) and Berne Randulv (Bass).

Great Hare - dream rock from Sweden

Great Hare

Four friends who earlier had been in bands decided to get together to break the monotony of nine to five and because they were missing the pleasure of creating music and so came to fruition Great Hare.

In many ways reflecting that escapism, so the audience is taken on a floating ride of shimmery summer haze as the guitars weave their way across the room in tracks which can extend for over six minutes of dream rock. From the early days of an attic as an audience the escapology has turned in to a fully fledged recording outfit and more and more sounds are being released. Each a testament to their ability as musicians.

Perhaps it is the Swedish air, maybe it is because they have already had success as musicians in earlier iterations, but what ever it is Great Hare have a quiet relaxed confidence that gives the compositions a natural and easy air about them. As with the length of the tracks, the listener is left in a rested and unhurried mood as the notes gently and calmly settle on the ears.


What Went Wrong? – Single – Great Hare is available on iTunes*.

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