Radio Skies – Do You Feel – Audio

Radio Skies, a dream-rock band  from Ojai (USA), is the quintet of Danny WrightOliwaEthan GlazerEric Sullivan and Erin Sidney who on the 2nd of November will be releasing the LP Double Life.

Radio Skies

Radio Skies

Immediately on hitting play the listener undergoes a process of osmosis becoming as one with the soundscape as the music merges with the mind in luxuriant layers of soft velvet which ensnare the amygdala in the gently undulating compositions.

Do You Feel, the third of the nine on the album (available on bandcamp) attests to a release in which the audience will immerse their mind and body with no desire to be separated.


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Swimming Tapes – Easy Strand – Single Review

On the 17th the single Easy Strand was released by the England based dream-rock quintet Swimming Tapes.

Swimming Tapes - Easy Strand

Swimming Tapes

The quintet have been quietly making progress in the background with word arriving that an LP is in the offing and there will be a short, five date, England and Scotland tour in November.

In the interim the new single, Easy Strand, which appears almost exactly a year after the  EP Soft Sea Blue, other than the acoustic version of their  2016 single Tides which came out in February, makes this the first release for them this year.

Perhaps it is something more than a coincidence that their wistfully dreamy shimmery summer vibe releases often appear this time of year, the original of Tides was also in September.

Lay back, kick up the heels and allow the washes of the gazey guitars curtain off the hassles of daily life.

Easy Strand – Single – Swimming Tapes is available on iTunes.*

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Moon Panda – Rabbit – Video

The England based dream-rock quartet Moon Panda head towards the release of the EP Pastel Pool next month.

Moon Panda - Rabbit

Moon Panda

Their latest track to surface – Rabbit, akin to previous material of theirs featured, heads in to its own warren of discovery through a tunnel interconnected, yet distinctive, of dreamy spirals and hazy undulations.

Rabbit is available on Amazon.*

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Twilight Fields – Waiting – Audio

The Canadian dream-rock project Twilight Fields released the LP Our Time Is Now on the 15th.

Twilight Fields - Waiting

Twilight Fields

Regularly featuring since being introduced in 2016 the album (available on bandcamp) finds a less melancholic mood than much of the material previously featured, though still of contemplative narrative.

The eleven track, roughly fifty six minutes, LP reflects on the value of close relationships in a world which is becoming ever more fractured.

Waiting is the third song.

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Plutinos – Falling Away – Audio

Plutinos is the solo project of the US dream-rock creator Nate Barnes.



The début eponymous five track EP (available on bandcamp) was released last week.

The songs fill the room with spacious wisps of gazey reverb and echoing frequencies which invite the listener to lay back on a soft pillow whilst eyeing drifting cirrus clouds which streak across the sky to become lost in the calming influences of the approximately twenty one minutes of ambient, slightly trippy, gossamer texture.

Falling Away is the penultimate track.


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