Ghost Twins – Unknown Animal – Video

Ghost Twins from England release a new video for Unknown Animal.

Ghost Twins

Ghost Twins

This isn’t a test to check whether you are  a regular reader of the website, but for those who are and worry about details to the extent I do.

Unknown Animal is part of the double A side which has on the other side Dream On /Dream Off by a band called Crushing Blows, which I posted on the 13th September.

Rest assured, you haven’t gone stir crazy. Crushing Blows are now known as Ghosts Twins to reflect the very different sound from the that which I initially reviewed just over a year ago.

Unknown Animal / Dream On / Dream Off – Single – Ghost Twins is available on iTunes*

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Crushing Blows – Dream On Dream Off – Audio

Crushing Blows who were introduced in September 2012 have  a new release, Unknown Animal, Dream On / Dream Off, a double A side coming out on the 7th October.

Crushing Blows

Crushing Blows

Here is Dream On / Dream Off in audio format.

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