SegFault – Motoko – Video

SegFault is a French downtempo project.

SegFault - photo credit - Victor Chlouti

SegFault – photo credit – Victor Chlouti

The most recent song to surface – Motoko – was released as the second of the five tracks on the Metro A – VOLUME I – Sessions Polycarpe EP compilation released last week and signposted with the contribution by SLOGAN – Bérénice –  on the 15th. Lyon is a city on which I must focus closer attention and Metro A a label to get to know better with their preponderance for musical acts of the darker side of life…

…The film-noir waves of electronica and instrumentation cast darkened fog-bound shadows around the room as Motoko, like a looming threshing machine, presses the listener ever further in to the corner seeking safety from the oppressive soundtrack.


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LuxGaze – Nostalgia – Audio

LuxGaze is a Canadian downtempo creator.



The latest track to surface Nostalgia is a melancholic compositions which drifts through the room in misty twists of echoing guitar and pulsating percussion which rather than leaving the listener in sad mood finds them absorbed by the haunting beauty of the song with, merely, a desire to luxuriate in their feeling of isolated contemplation.

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Nostalgia – Single – Luxgaze is available on iTunes.*

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Altvater – Arcturus – Audio

The US downtempo project Altvater revealed the LP Walking Creatures a few days ago.



A six track album of broad sonic brush, which like a warm towel on the forehead settles the listener in to a calmness from which there is no sense of passing time.

Electronica, piano, synths and samples uncurl through the room in imaginative arrays of tapestry with the luscious hypnotic tones of Arcturus being my pick of the release.

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Thomas Wallis – Thumb – Audio

The Australian downtempo creator Thomas Wallis released the single Thumb yesterday.

Thomas Wallis

Thomas Wallis

Regularly putting out new material which is of varied soundscape though always of commonality is a sadness that envelopes the listener.

The most recent track – Thumb (available on bandcamp) – is a morose dystopian scratchy composition which is made more bleak by the dour vocal and self-doubting lyric that is underscored by a monotone drum beat which gives the track its menacing countenance.

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Norbert Lukács – Garden – Audio

The Swedish downtempo creator Norbert Lukács released the EP Airplane / Sunset / Rivers on the 21st.

Norbert Lukács

Norbert Lukács

Music seems, quite often, to surface in continuity of theme as those who follow the site will notice – today and yesterday perhaps being marked by quiet passages of composition and Norbert Lukács continues the thread in the penultimate of the four songs on the EP with Garden.

In collaboration with Nina KinertGarden – has a hypnotic melancholia that meanders through the room in gentle footstep which finds the listeners’ pulse slowing to match the tempo.

Norbert Lukács social media page

Nina Kinert website

Airplane / Sunset / Rivers – EP – Norbert Lukacs is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.